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Design Method and Experiment of Magneto-elastic Cable Tension Sensor

Author: LiuXiaoLiang
Tutor: ChenWeiMin
School: Chongqing University
Course: Instrument Science and Technology
Keywords: Wire rope cable Magneto-elastic effect Cable tension sensor Design method Experimental study
CLC: TP212.13
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Wire rope cable has been more and more widely used for a variety of civilian infrastructure and large-scale architectural structures. Ropes as these main load-bearing parts of the structure, the structure of the linear internal force distribution, the load rope recession, failure, and even the overall structure of security will focus on performance in the force of the rope. In order to facilitate the control of the cable itself as well as structural safety and operational status, to discover the aura of the accident, to prevent sudden accident, must be long-term monitoring of the cable soso force. Magnetic bomb cable force measurement sensor long service life, low cost, relatively easy replacement the ropes almost no impact, etc. have begun to use at home and abroad bridge. Application primarily non-closed magnetic circuit sensor, however, that the study of the sensor itself very little, almost not seen reports on the design of the sensor. Closed magnetic circuit structure sensor magnetic circuit is formed in the guide magnet wire rope cable combination, is conducive to the conduction of the magnetic field, the sensor's performance may be better than the non-closed magnetic circuit sensors, but remains to be further sensor design and experimental study to compare. So, in order to promote the development of the magneto-elastic the cable force sensing technology, to provide technical support for the magneto-elastic cable tension sensor engineering applications, the main contents of this paper are as follows: ① combined with non-closed magnetic circuit basic principle of the sensor cable tension sensor discussion magnetic bomb rope cable material magneto-elastic effect of material characteristics and sensor internal magnetic field distribution measurements showed that the measurement accuracy of the sensor wire rope cable material and sensor internal magnetic field. (2) in case there is no off-the-shelf research reference, from the experimental point of view of the material properties of the wire rope cable material magneto-elastic effect studies rope cable material magnetic parameters, such as magneto-elastic coefficient is determined by processing the experimental data, the initial permeability combined magnetic parameters to further improve the measurement principle and simulation analysis. ③ According to the structural characteristics of non-closed magnetic circuit sensors the sensor internal magnetic field distribution, major analysis of the distribution of non-uniformity through theory and experiment show that the non-uniform magnetic field distribution inside the sensor will demagnetizing field and excitation field sensor impact of sensitivity, linearity and repeatability. (4) from the rope coil signal, magnetic field and other aspects of rope closed magnetic circuit magnetic bomb design cable tension sensor design parameters specific methods and guidelines to make the appropriate size of the cable-specific The design of the sensor. The perfect combination of wire rope cable magnetic material properties of the elastic effect of the closed magnetic circuit sensor design, the original scattered design method based on induction, forming a closed magnetic circuit sensor universal design approach. (5) in accordance with the proposed design method provided for Fasten Group diameter of 7mm wire sensor design of each structure and tensile test, rope commonly Chengli Fan Wai, in the case of load, the experimental results with the magneto-elastic cable force measurement theory qualitatively consistent with good reproducibility, high sensitivity, indicating that the sensor is designed to achieve the desired requirements. By experimental results of various types of sensors found closed magnetic sensor (sensitivity and reproducibility of the addition to the outer dual bypass) is higher than the non-closed magnetic sensor. Finally, a practical engineering applications rope load experimental non-closed magnetic circuit sensor: rope commonly Chengli Fan Wai, good reproducibility, sensor sensitivity: -0.3535mV/MPa, coefficient of linear fit 0.9973, further shows that the proposed design method is feasible.

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