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Effect of Chicken Manure and Tetracycline on Soil Enzyme Activity and the Number of Microbial Quantity

Author: ShenLong
Tutor: JinLanShu
School: Shenyang Agricultural University
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Chicken tetracycline soil enzyme activity soil colonies structure soilrespiration intensity
CLC: X144
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Antibiotic pollution was harmful to human health and the environment, In which tetracycline as a feed additive widely used for livestock and poultry breeding industry. Tetracycline was absorbed and decomposed fewer in vivo, large number of tetracycline with livestock manure into the soil. The soil tetracycline residues for a long time, which can affect the soil qualitySoil enzymes and microbial number was important biochemical indicators in the soil, the soil environment have a greater impact on enzyme activity and the number of micro-organisms. Researching influence of antibiotic in manure on soil enzyme activities and soil microbial quantity and soil respiration, can provide a theoretical basis, using soil enzyme activities to evaluate soil on tetracycline pollution levelsIn this study, the effects of chicken manure and tetracycline on soil Microbial community structure; soil urease, phosphatase, Sucrase and catalase activities; Soil respiration were investigated in a laboratory incubation. The result showed that:Chicken manure applied to the soil, the impact of soil micro-organism numbers and enzyme activity showed that:chicken manure significantly activated the number of soil bacteria and fungi on45th Day and1st day, activation rates were125.9%,166.8%. Chicken manure on soil bacteria and fungi activation can last at least75days. Chicken manure on the soil actinomycetes impact showed activated and then suppressed, It showed inhibition in cultured for60-75days, the inhibition rates were-75%,-66.7%. Add chicken chicken manure on the soil can significantly activate urease, phosphatase the sucrose enzyme and the activity of catalase, chicken manure affected the urease activation time greater than75days, the phosphatase activation time about60days, sucrase the activation time about30days, the soil catalase activity for75days, the maximum activation rates were287.7%,69.0%,61.6%,355.1%.The effect of Tetracycline on soil micro-organism numbers and enzyme activity showed that:Tetracycline demonstrated relatively difference on soil microbial quantity. With the concentration of Tetracycline increased, inhibited the number of soil bacteria significantly, had no significant effect on soil fungi, but the number of actinomycetes with the Tetracycline concentration increases. Tetracycline on the soil enzyme activities showed:The concentration of0.06mg/kg tetracycline activated the activities of soil urease and phosphatase with the maximum activating ratio of22.6%and23.6%at15and45days of incubation, respectively. And the concentration of0.12mg/kg and0.24mg/kg tetracycline inhibited the two kinds of soil enzymes activities throughout the incubation.Effect of0.06mg/kg Tetracycline on soil enzyme activities showed inhibition-activation-inhibition-activation. And0.12mg/kg,0.24mg/kg treatment were inhibited enzyme activities then reactivation. Effect of0.06mg/kg Tetracycline on soil hydrogen peroxide activity showed activation-inhibition-activation-inhibition, but0.12mg/kg,0.24mg/kg treatment sustained activated soil hydrogen peroxide activity. Analyzing the relation of the number of micro-organisms and soil enzyme activities showed, sucrase activity and soil microorganisms achieved significant correlation, the rest of the soil enzyme was no significant correlation. The strength of activation was increased with the concentration of tetracycline increased.0.06mg/kg Tetracycline inhibited soil respiration intensity in0-12days, the maximum inhibition rate was36.37%, while in15-30days showed activation, maximal activation ratio was21.60%. It’s indicated that the impact of tetracycline on soil respiration has repeatedly. But0.12mg/kg,0.24mg/kg always inhibited soil respiration.Added chicken and tetracycline both coexist on soil biochemical properties showed:each containing tetracycline chicken manure compared with the blank processing, in training period, the number of soil bacteria, fungi were significant activited. The number of bacteria was decreasing in the late of culture, Little change in the number of fungi. Soil actinomycetes cultured for45days significantly increased, part time behaving as a very significant level. After45days only chicken0.24mg/kg processing showed activation. Each containing tetracycline chicken manure, no significant change in the number of fungi, the number of bacteria with increasing concentration of tetracycline to reduce, but the number of actinomycetes increased with increasing concentration of tetracycline. it’s Showed that chicken manure on soil microbial effect was greater than tetracycline. The incorporation of chicken manure and various concentrations of tetracycline activated soil enzymes activities with the activation ratio more than100%for both of the two soil enzymes. Soil sucrase and hydrogen peroxide enzymes activity in the prophase, The overall trend showed decline. After30days, each sucrose enzyme treatment back to the blank level, the difference was not significant, but hydrogen peroxide enzymes activity showed an upward trend. The presence of chicken manure changed tetracycline on soil urease, phosphatase, hydrogen peroxide enzymes activity, activated the activity of the three enzymes in the soil, but for sucrose enzyme activity was not obvious. It’s need to consider the role of chicken manure on soil enzyme when use soil enzyme activity to evaluate soil tetracycline pollution. Adding chicken manure can improve soil activity in Tetracycline contaminated soil.Compared with the blank, the incorporation of chicken manure and various concentrations of tetracycline significantly activated soil respiration, between each containing tetracycline treatment, The respiration intensity decreased with tetracycline concentration increased. The result showed that chicken manure masked effect of tetracycline on soil respiration intensity, but between each containing tetracycline and chicken manure had a negative impact on respiratory intensity.

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