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Preparation of Completely Biodegradable Films of Thermoplastic Starch/Poly(Poly(Butylene Adipate-Co-Terephthalate))

Author: MaTeng
Tutor: ZouJun
School: Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: starch PBAT film MMT mechanical properties water resistance
CLC: TQ320.721
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Now the “white pollution” produced by petroleum-based plastics such asPolyethylene has become more and more serious, so wo need a degradable materials toreplace petroleum-based plastics. the As a biodegradable plastic, Poly(butyleneadipate-co-terephthalate) gets good processing and application performance, but its highcost can not meet the demand of the market. Starch have a wide range of sources and lowcost. The PBAT and starch blend composites can significantly reduce the cost.But the compatibility between starch and PBAT is poor, especially starch is difficult tomolding because of poor plasticity, starch/PBAT composite will greatly reduce the materialproperties. Therefore it needs to be modified. The paper adopt plasticizer such as glyceroland B2, reinforcing agent such MMT, SiO2and C, modifying agent such B3, B8, B5andB4modifying composite materials, and through mechanical and rheological properties test,observing the effect of various additives on materials. After joining B12as hydrophobicagent, preparing the composite films, and observing water resistance and aging resistancethrough contact angle test, water absorption test and crystallization behavior, and analysisthe mechanical properties, thermal stability and compatibility by tension test, TG test andSEM.Study the effect of plasticizer, reinforcing agent and modifying agent on compositematerials by mechanical properties and reinforcing agent by rheological. The plasticizingeffect of different plasticizer amount and proportion varied, where glycerol/B2is8/4, thematerials properties is best. While the different reinforcing agent such MMT, SiO2and Chave different enhancement effect, when MMT content is5, the enhancement effect isbest which strength is12.40MPa and elongation is260%. The torque and shear viscositydecrease firstly and then increase with the increase of reinforcing agent. using theorthogonal test method research the effect of modifying agent on materials. Study found thematerial properties is best when the modifying agent content of modifier2, modifier3, B5and B4is1,0.5,1.5and0.5The water resistance of materials is characterized by contact angle tester and X-raydiffraction. The results show that MMT, SiO2and B12can improve the water resistance offilms. The composite films with SiO2+B12have the best effect. MMT and SiO2can inhibitthe growth of starch VHcrystal, in which the SiO2is better.Based on the mechanical properties of composite films, the longitudinal and lateraltensile strength of films with MMT and SiO2significantly increased. while the breaking elongation, the influence with MMT is small. It is obviously decreased by joining SiO2.Based on the thermal properties of composite films, the thermal stability is improved byjoining MMT and SiO2. observing the morphology of composite section, the compositematerials modified have better compatibility compare with unmodified starch/PBATmaterials. Phase separation phenomenon disappears. And MMT and SiO2have a gooddispersion.

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