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Key Technology Research and Techno-Economic Analysis of Natural Gas Storage and Transportation

Author: LiuJianHui
Tutor: FanShuanShi
School: South China University of Technology
Course: Energy and environmental materials and technology
Keywords: natural gas storage and transportation ANG NGH techno-economic analysis model
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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Natural gas is highly respected and gradually becoming drive force of world primaryenergy for the development of a low-carbon economy in future. With gas supply individualsinclude urban centres and industry enterprise is far from gas source, storage and transportationtechnology is used for safety, stable and continuous transmission to the user. However, due tothe new storage and transportation technology in the existence of a lot of technical problemsand challenges, key issues of new storage and transportation are study in this paper, and thenthe model of technical and economic analysis on five storage and transportation types areestablished. The model is very meaningful for the promotion of the development of naturalgas storage and transportation technology.Natural gas storage and transportation technology can be divided into populartechnology and new technology. Popular storage and transportation technology includingpipe(PNG), compression(CNG), liquefied natural gas(LNG) were study, and applicationbackground and technology flow was summarized, and then technical economy analysisbased on static method including the starting point of the construction costs, transportationcosts, as well as the terminus of depreciation and running costs was made.Petroleum coke as raw materials, KOH as an activating agent, focusing on thepre-activation unit activation unit and upgrading unit in the preparation process of the surfaceof activated carbon for the adsorption storage and transportation (ANG) in this paper. TheKOH the step heating preactivated method to achieve the reduction of the activation ratio, tooptimize the process parameters, the production ratio of surface area to2565m2/g, porevolume in this state as1.354cc/g, a pore size of2.112nm, which meet applicationrequirements. Investigated the basis of the requirements of the storage container, through theworking parameters, the selection of materials and dimensions of the storage vessel, the stepof storing the internal structure of the container design, the design of the storage container isset to a volume of45m3tank length10000mm, diameter2400mm for ANG storage andtransformation.The process conditions of natural gas hydrate(NGH) was study. Through the orthogonalexperiments of hydrate formation, process parameters are as follows: initial temperature is3℃, initial pressure is5Mpa, stirring speed is120r/min, mixed additives included15gsodium dodecyl sulfate and5g alkyl, of which the quality of the TBAB concentration was0.293%, the largest gas storage technology can be up to190m3/m3.As for the fact of a certain distance between gas extraction point and consumer, considering the concrete expense on start site, transportation distance and the terminal,storage and transportation techno-economic model was established based on storage andtransportation costs per unit of volume. The model can quickly compare different storage andtransportation costs based on initial pressure(0-5Mpa), the different transportdistance(0-1500Km) and the cost of terimal, have an important engineering practicalsignificance.Variety of energy-saving measures have been study, include:(1) LNG cold energyutilization technology,(2) taking advantage of the high-pressure gas pressure,(3) hydrateseparation process of CO2in natural gas.Techno-economic analysis model of the storage technology was established, which isbased on storage and transportation costs per unit of volume and accroding to the sum ofexpense on start site, transportation and the terminal. The modeling software of natural gasstorage and transportation techno-economic was devolped by Jav and C++programminglanguage. Which can obtain the optimum scheme based on the initial pressure(≤5Mpa), thetransport distance (≤1500km), and can operate freely under the window system. The model isa comprehensive comparative cost analysis software and is a good reference, especially forthe solution to the problem of storage and transportation of natural gas in remote areas.

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