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  1. Research on Formation Mechanism of Gas Reservoirs Controlled by Faults in the North Zone of Kuche Depression,WangHongXing/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/323
  2. Research on Formation Mechanism of Oil-gas Reservoirs of S2+3 Oil Layer in West Slope Region, North Songliao Basin,LiangJiangPing/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/311
  3. Study on Deep Desulfurization of Diesel Fuel by Hi-efficient Oxidation Systems,LiuShuZhi/Daqing Petroleum Institute,5/765
  4. The Research on the Acoustics Characteristic and Quantized Detection Technology of Valve Gas Inner Leakage,ZhangYing/Daqing Petroleum Institute,2/459
  5. Study and Application of Progressing Cavity Pump Performance,WeiJiDe/Daqing Petroleum Institute,8/766
  6. Main Controlling Factors of Gas Accumulation and Distribution in Igneous Rocks, Xujiaweizi Rift, North Songliao Basin,MenGuangTian/Daqing Petroleum Institute,3/538
  7. Study on the Origins and Accumulation Dating of Natural Gas in Xujiawezi Rift Depression, Songliao Basin,HuoQiuLi/Daqing Petroleum Institute,9/530
  8. Comprehensive Research on Oil and Gas Conservation of Binbei Area in Songliao Basin,GaoJun/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/353
  9. Study of Acoustic Resources from Leakage of Gas in Pipe and Acoustic Emission Signals Characteristics,LiShanChun/Daqing Petroleum Institute,5/845
  10. A Study on the Preparation of Catalyst System for the Downhole Upgrading under the Steam Injection Conditions for Liaohe Heavy Oil and Its Application,ChenErYue/Daqing Petroleum Institute,1/329
  11. Microbiology Basic Study for Oil Recovery and Application of SF Microbe,WangGuangZuo/Daqing Petroleum Institute,1/413
  12. The Research on Process Control of Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer Compound Flooding Based on Ethernet Networked Control System,XuJianJun/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/250
  13. Intelligent Algorithms and Their Applications on the Problems of Fault Diagnosis in the Oil Field,RenWeiJian/Daqing Petroleum Institute,4/627
  14. Seal Mechanisms of Mudstone Caprocks to Gas in Each Phase and Their Quantitative Research,FuGuang/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/650
  15. Study of Mechanisms and Technologies to Improve the Effect of Water-flooding at Super-low Permeability Reservior,WuJingChun/Daqing Petroleum Institute,8/1372
  16. Study about the Sweep Coefficient and Oil Displacement Efficiency of Chemical Flooding,LanYuBo/Daqing Petroleum Institute,1/1116
  17. Study on AOPs Oxidation Treatment of Produced Water from Polymer Flooding,ChenYing/Daqing Petroleum Institute,2/617
  18. Analysis of the Forces Acted on the Inner Cylinder by Power Law Fluid Flowing in Annulus with the Inner Cylinder Executing a Planetary Motion,PeiXiaoHan/Daqing Petroleum Institute,2/145
  19. Mechanical Analysis of Casing Damage Well in Restoration and Fracture Process and Its Application,HeXiuQing/Daqing Petroleum Institute,3/527
  20. Research on In-situ Bioremediation for Oil-contaminated Soil in Oilfields,ZhangBaoLiang/Daqing Petroleum Institute,24/2246
  21. Study on Risk Analysis and Management of Oil & Gas Drilling Engineering Project,ZhaoJunPing/Daqing Petroleum Institute,30/2132
  22. Production Data Integration in Reservoir Modeling for Large Oil and Gas Fields,ZhangLiZuo/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/294
  23. Mechanism of Polymer Flooding and a New Enhanced Oil Recovery of High-concentration Polymer Flooding,YangFuLin/Daqing Petroleum Institute,6/1497
  24. The Theory Study and Engineering Application of Exergy Transfer Process for Multi-potential Fields,ChengQingLin/Daqing Petroleum Institute,8/810
  25. The Method Study of Neural Network Pattern Recognition Applied to Reservoir Parameters Predicting,GaoMeiJuan/Daqing Petroleum Institute,3/718
  26. Study on Key Technologies to Centrifugal Compressor System Vibration Autonomous Diagnosis,DingKeBei/Daqing Petroleum Institute,3/278
  27. Studies on Aquathermolysis Catalyst and Its Carrier for Super Heavy Oil,ZhaoXiaoFei/Daqing Petroleum Institute,0/505
  28. Studies on the Synthesis and Properties of Acrylamide-based Polymers,DingWei/Daqing Petroleum Institute,22/5213
  29. A Study on Internal Architecture of Channel Sand in Meandering River,SuiXinGuang/Daqing Petroleum Institute,9/1583
  30. The Research of Geological Reserves Distribution on the Data of High Water in the Saertu Oilfield of DaQing,YuRunTao/Daqing Petroleum Institute,3/1170
  31. Stability Parameter H’ of the Flow of a Power-law Fluid in Annulus with the Inner Cylinder Executing a Planetary Motion,LiuDongSheng/Daqing Petroleum Institute,8/161
  32. Comprehensive Research on Generalized Resistivity Models in Laminated and Dispersed Shaly Sands,SongYanJie/Daqing Petroleum Institute,14/743
  33. Study of Condensate Oil-gas Accumulating Mechanism and Resource Potential Predicting in Qijia-Gulong Sag,Songliao Basin, China,ShenJiaNian/Daqing Petroleum Institute,4/424
  34. Research and Application of Assessment Methods to Source Rock in Binbei Area of Songliao Basin,WangYueWen/Daqing Petroleum Institute,5/487
  35. Iron (Ⅵ) Chemistry: A Study on Green Oxidation for Organic Synthesis,SongHua/Daqing Petroleum Institute,2/479
  36. A Study on Aquathermolysis Kinetics of Heavy Oil and Its Application,LiuChunTian/Daqing Petroleum Institute,2/582
  37. The Limit Confirming and Hydraulic/Thermodynamic Calculation Method Research for Oil-gas-water Mixing Transportation Safe in Pipeline during Oil Producing with Supper High Water Cut,LiuXiaoYan/Daqing Petroleum Institute,19/1192
  38. Unsteady Flow of Viscoelastic Fluid in Eccentric Annuli with Inner Cylinder Reciprocating Axially,YangYuanJian/Daqing Petroleum Institute,12/211
  39. Flow of a Power-law Fluid in Annulus with the Inner Cylinder Executing a Planetary Motion,JiHaiJun/Daqing Petroleum Institute,16/151
  40. The Global Optimization Theory and Method of OilField Production System,LiShiJun/Daqing Petroleum Institute,14/2643
  41. Study on Optimization Technology for Oilfield Surface Pipeline Network Based on Intelligence Computation,WeiLiXin/Daqing Petroleum Institute,20/1610
  42. Study on Key Technologies to Recover Heavy Oil by Aquathermolysis,ZhongLiGuo/Daqing Petroleum Institute,3/1048
  43. The high water cut stage sandstone oilfield the cycle water injection mechanism and applied research,YinDaiYin/Daqing Petroleum Institute,8/860
  44. The Study of Integral Development Percolation Theory with Horizontal Well and Vertical Well,ZhaoChunSen/Daqing Petroleum Institute,14/1701
  45. Study on Options Theory and Its Application in the Management of the Petroleum Enterprise,CaoYan/Daqing Petroleum Institute,5/989
  46. Remaining Oil Description of Untabulated Reservoir and Tapping Potentia Technology Research of Surfactant Flooding in Xing1-3 Region,XueJiaFeng/Daqing Petroleum Institute,1/1041
  47. The Elastic Viscosity Theory and Application of Polymer Solution,ZhengXiaoSong/Daqing Petroleum Institute,18/1237
  48. The Flow of Power-Law Fluid in a Helical Pipe,WangKeLiang/Daqing Petroleum Institute,3/284
  49. The Study on Flowing Rules of Emulsions Through Porous Medium,LiXueWen/Daqing Petroleum Institute,3/1154
  50. Flow of Produced Fluid in Polymer Flooding Well with Pumping Rod Moving Axially--Theory, Calculation and Applications,SunZhi/Daqing Petroleum Institute,3/338

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