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Study on Modification of Soybean Dietary Fiber and Its Baking Application

Author: LvYuan
Tutor: ChangZhongYi
School: East China Normal University
Course: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Keywords: soybean dietary fiber modification pound cake Chiffon Cake bread
CLC: TS201.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Although soybean dregs are natural soybean dietary fiber, our country has discarded8million tons soybean dregs each year. This will cause great waste of resources and environmental pollution. Baked goods has a great amount of sugar and fat, over consumption can lead to overweight, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Due to the impact to processing, deterioration of product quality, current high-fibered baked goods in market is more difficult to be accepted by the producers and consumers. Therefore, concerning how to modify the soybean dregs to improve its physical and chemical properties so that it can be uesed in baked food will make sense.Methods of modifying the soybean dregs are analysised by measuring its physicochemical property. Modified soybean fiber is applied in pound cake, chiffon cake and bread respectively. The following conclusions are drawn from this study:1. Acidolysis could improve soybean dregs’water holding capacity (WHC), swelling capacity and viscosity. When soybean dregs are treated in pH3circumstance, heat at118℃for15min, the best result is achieved. Leaching akali treatment could further more improve the soybean dietary fiber’s character. Best result can be obtained when soybean dregs are leached in0.05%NaOH solution at80℃for4h. When pressure is20MPa, homogenization could make soybean dietary fiber’s WHC and viscosity higher. The swelling capacity, however, showed no significant different after homogenization. Freezing drying made WHC of soybean dietary fiber15.5g/g, vacauum drying was next while hot air drying was the worst. The dietary fiber of modified soybean fiber (MSF) was77%, which is significant higher than soybean dregs.2. Replacing0,20%,40%,60%,80%pound cake oil with modified soybean fiber could gradually decrease the viscosity of pound cake batter to24533mPa.s,19566mPa.s,19300mPa.s,17566mPa.s, and13233mPa.s; increase the specific gravity to0.88g/cc,0.95g/cc,0.98g/cc,1.01g/cc, and1.06g/cc; enhance the weight lost to 18.65%,19.19%,21.23%,22.06%and23.75%; decline the specific volume to3.04cm3/g,2.71cm3/g,2.48cm3/g,2.07cm3/g and2.02cm3/g, respectively. The result was observed that20%MSF could be used in pound cake and did not influence the quality of pound cake. Additionally, pound cake shows significant filling stability and higher moisture with5%and10%MSF additive.3. With the additive of10%MSF (in mass) in the wheat flour, the foam stability of the cake batter increases, while the specific gravity does not show significant difference, and the suspension stability demonstrats to be61%and90%with adding raisins and walnuts respectively. The result of the orthogonal experiment revealed that the best Chiffon Cake recipe was10g fiber,80g flour,100g egg,100g sugar and60g oil. On8th days, the cake moisture content was still kept over20%after adding modified soybean fiber.4. Mixing10%MSF (mass fraction) in the toast bread could significantly extend the bread dough formation time and reduce the fermentation time, however, with the additive of over15%MSF (mass fraction) may make11%higher baking lost than the acceptable limit. MSF may make the shell color darker and roughen the texture in the quality of bread. But mixing with xylanase and transglutaminase could improve their quality, which is to reduce the formation time and improve sensory evaluation of bread. Moreover, xylanase is benifitial to the moisture retention of toast and enhance the water content from32.3%to40.5%, while transglutaminase doesn’t have such notable effect.

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