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Experimental Study on Supercritical Water Oxidation

Author: WangJuan
Tutor: WangZengChang
School: Taiyuan University of Technology
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Supercritical temperature residence time oxidant catalyst
CLC: X703
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Coking wastewater is a major component of industrial waste water.The effluent discharge is one of problems troubled by the coking enterprises.There are many problems in the traditional coking wastewater treatment technologies,Developing a new harmless wastewater treatment is focused on by many researchers. SCWO can degradation recalcitrant and toxic substances into small harmless molecules, which is a new type of harmless and non-polluting wastewater treatment technology. Supercritical water oxidation and catalytic supercritical water oxidation are studied on the article, which opening a new path for coking wastewater treatment technology. Manganese nitrate is used as oxidant and coil-type reactor is used in the device.The paper studies the degradated effect of coking wastewater by SCWO The various factors about treating coking wastewater is examined. The result shows that the removal efficiency of COD、CN-and SCN-are increased In varying degrees and slow down after the trend, with the increasing of temperature, residence time and peroxy coefficient. Amoung the results, the removal efficiency of COD and SCN-is larger than that of CN-. Compared with H2O2, manganese nitrate is more efficient. Manganese nitrate not only plays the role of oxidant, but aslo plays the role of catalyst. The effect of residence time on the removal of COD is the greatest, temperature and the peroxy coefficient, are followed. We can adjust the residence time in industrial applications in order to increase the pollutant removal. Besides the catalytic effect of Mn2+is larger than that of Cu2+by studying different kinds of catalyst and different concentration of catalyst. The study shows that the removal efficiency of COD increases with the increasing of catalyst concentration. It shows the trend of slow down after.Paper develop a comprehensive kinetics study about SCWO. When the oxidant is H2O2, the exponential equation reveal the law of the reaction. The results show that when residence time、Pressure and Peroxy coefficient Correspond to51.43s、24Mpa and3, dynamics equation of the reaction order on the condition of no catalyst and adding Mn2+and Cu2+, respectively,1.42、1.84和1.61; activation energies on the condition of no catalyst and adding Mn2+and Cu2+, respectively,83.38KJ/mol、62.22KJ/mol和30.41KJ/mol; Pre-exponential factor on the condition of no catalyst and adding Mn and Cu2+, respectively.,2.83x105、4.04×104和2.65×10. fthree sets of dynamic model parameters accurate and reliable by standard error analysisThis article proposed that we can use manganese nitrate as oxidant instead of H2O2. The way not only reduces the amout of catalyst and the cost, but aslo but also play a catalytic effect. According to kinetic analysis, each pollutant emissions of concentration reach the national emission standards.

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