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Research on vehicle engineering and design of test system for large scale ROPS/FOPS

Author: LiuYuZhou
Tutor: HanGang
School: Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
Course: Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords: large engineering vehicles safety protective structures test system finite element test methods
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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With the pull of the large-scale infrastructure and urban-rural construction, theproportions of engineering vehicles are increasing. During the use of engineering vehicles,owing to adverse site conditions or improper operation of the operator tipping, impact andother accidents, the cab due to vibration or shock deformation, which will make the operatorsafety in danger. In order to improve the security of engineering vehicles, to effectively ensurethe personal safety of operator, the manufacturers generally add safety protective structures(ROPS/FOPS) to cab. The safety protective structures should have a certain amount of energyabsorption capacity, and it has considerable ability to resist deformation, the purpose is toensure the cab that does not produce distortion when engineering vehicle accident ordeformation does not endanger the personal safety of drivers, which avoids or reduces to theextent of driver injured by extrusion.However, the performance of the driver’s safety protective structures in engineeringvehicle whether it can meet the requirements of strength and stiffness, which need todetermine by correlation detection test. In recent years, due to the large-scale development ofthe construction machinery and vehicles, but the present detection system cannot meet thetesting requirements of some new models of the large engineering vehicles, seriously hinderedthe domestic large construction vehicles to meet the needs of market demand andinternationalization. Therefore, the designing and researching of large engineering vehiclesROPS/FOPS test system is very necessary.In this thesis, through looked up the related information of driver safety protectivestructures in engineering vehicles, the research status quo of ROPS/FOPS constructionvehicle test system and the necessity of ROPS/FOPS experimental research for largeconstruction vehicles were discussed. By carrying on analysis and research for the structure ofdomestic existing test rig, combined with the project requirements, the designing and testmethods of ROPS/FOPS test system for large construction vehicles were completed.According to the technical requirements of test system, the proper function of test systemwas analyzed,which overall scheme for the main structure of test system loading test rig wasworked out. According to the working condition analysis of loading test rig and using theworking stress design method, carrying on theoretical calculation to the main structure of loading test rig, then taking finite element calculation and analysis by the software ANSYS tothe main structure of loading test rig which about strength and stiffness,and comparing withtheoretical calculation to guarantee the main structure of loading test rig can meet therequirements for safety performance. Finally, according the performance requirements andtest project content of driver safety protective structures for large engineering vehicle, thedesign scheme and functional requirements of measurement and control system wereproposed,and the testing method was formulated too.The results of this research provide a theoretical basis for the development of ROPS/FOPS test system for large engineering vehicles, with certain referential significance.

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