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Modification Process of SBS/Honeywell TitanTM Polymer Composite Modified Asphalt

Author: AnQing
Tutor: ChenHuaZuo
School: Chang'an University
Course: Road and Railway Engineering
Keywords: SBS/Honeywell TitanTMcomposite modified asphalt modifytemperature Shearing process Pavement performance
CLC: U414
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Polymer modified asphalt has been a valid method to mend the applicationperformance of asphalt. Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) modified asphalt hasbeen popularly used because of its extraordinary performance. But in recentyears, along with the volume of traffic increases rapid, the vehicle capacityincreases, the application of superior tire, the overload phenomenon as well asthe climate is changeable and so on, these caused higher require for the existingmodified asphalt, and the preparation techniques complex, construction ofhigher temperature, storage stability is bad, and the production cost is growthwith widely used, this required modify asphalt face to new reformation. On thefoundation of existing SBS modified asphalt, this article introduces theHoneywell TitanTMmodifier, for the material of the previous studies using less,the preparation process used is not clear.The influence of different processing technique parameters and differentmodifier sorts on the SBS/Honeywell TitanTMmodified asphalts’ properties isstudied, thus to direct modified asphalt production. Theoretical researchcombined experimental methods is carried out. Testing regular three index, restore elasticity, storage stability, rotating film aging, analysis the processparameters on the SBS/Honeywell TitanTMmodified asphalt technicalperformance and the influence of the compatibility. Get the best process of thecomposite modified asphalt, and the relationship between various technologiesand the performance of the composite modified asphalt. Especially,research theadd process and dosage of modifier, the add temperature of Honeywell TitanTMmodifier, the add temperature of stabilizer, the add temperature and swellingtemperature of SBS, the shear rate and time and so on.The results show the best process of the composite modified asphaltpreparation: SBS modification agent and Honeywell TitanTMmodified agents formatrix of asphalt doses were3.5%and1%; when the matrix asphalt heated to170℃, join SBS modification agent (170℃180℃) shear20min, swelling(150℃160℃)30min, shear (170℃180℃)20min, join stabilizer (140℃150℃) shear10min, finally add HoneywellTitanTMmodifier (150℃160℃)shear10min; use the low shear. It is a larger significance to SBS/Honeywell TitanTMcomposite modified asphalt theory development andpractical application with.

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