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Research of Alignment Technology for Ship’s Strapdown Inertial Navigation System

Author: ZhangYi
Tutor: HaoYanLing
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Navigation,Guidance and Control
Keywords: Alignment Gyrocompassing alignment Parameter effect of gyrocompassingalignment Rotation modulation Kalman filter Double-system algorithm
CLC: U666
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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Nowadays, strapdown inertial navigation systems (SINS) are increasingly used in shipnavigation. In this paper,several researches about the alignment of Ship’s SINS have beenmade. Main works of this paper can be given as follows:First of all, steady state errors of gyrocompassing alignment and kalman filter alignmentare analyzed and compared. Results show that there is a special kind of errors within theoutput of gyrocompassing alignment. As these errors related to the changes of parameters, inthis paper, this phenomenon is called as parameter effect.Frequency domain analysis is used to study the affects of oscillation errors togyrocompassing alignment. As ship’s SINS are used in water, shakes and sways may cause alot of oscillation errors. Consider the reality of ship’s SINS, mathematical model betweensource of oscillation errors and the misalignments are established. The affect of three axissway and oscillation gyro errors are researched. Then, an approach of parameters designmethod for gyrocompassing alignment is proposed to restrain the affects of oscillation errors.Experiment results show that the proposed approach is effective.During rotation, gyroscope drift and accelerometer bias in local level frame are changingin to oscillation errors. Frequency domain characteristics of gyrocompassing alignment areused to analysis the affects of gyroscope drift and accelerometer bias in rotating base. Anapproach of SINS gyrocompassing alignment technique which applicable to single-axialrotation SINS is proposed. Simulation results show that the proposed approach is effective.An approach of SINS gyrocompassing alignment method on the basis of time-varyingparameters is described, that apples to the condition of large heading misalignment.Convergence rate of gyrocompassing alignment is more slowly in the case of large azimuthmisalignment. The solution to the problem is discussed, and the influence ofparameters-varying on traditional gyrocompassing alignment is analyzed. Mooring alignmentexperiment results show that the proposed approach is faster in alignment time in the case oflarge azimuth misalignment.Ship’s SINS gyrocompassing alignment in sail with aiding of Doppler velocity log (DVL)is studied and a DVL-aided SINS in-motion gyrocompassing alignment algorithm isdescribed. During the sail, Ship’s movement will cause some misalignment ingyrocompassing alignment. DVL velocity is used to compensate these errors and the accuracy of alignment in sail is increased. Then, the influences of DVL velocity errors on misalignmentare analyzed. Simulations are made to prove the analysis results.A ship’s SINS in-motion alignment algorithm of strapdown inertial navigation systemaided by DVL is described. DVL velocity errors in local level navigation frame are used in thekalman filter. Error model of DVL along axes on local level navigation frame is developedwhile the ship is sailing at a constant speed. Analysis shows that by using this error model inKalman filter, the observability of state variable can be improved by the angular motion of theship. Simulation results show that, the accuracy of alignment and the reset of velocity andlocation can be better improved.A double-system method is studied which is appled to SINS. First, an approach ofstrapdown gyrocompass system on the basis of double-system method is described. Oneinertial measurement unit (IMU) is used to support two different systems, a strapdown inertialnavigation system and a strapdown gyrocompass system at the same time. The velocity outputof SINS is used to optimize the DVL velocity. Then, the optimized velocity can be used tocompensate the influence of acceleration on the gyrocompass system. Finally, Base on thedouble-system method, a SINS alignment algorithm without latitude information is described.One IMU is used to support two different gyrocompassing alignment systems at the sametime. As parameter effect exists in gyrocompassing alignment, the misalignments of the twosystems will be different. The difference between their attitude outputs is used to compensatethe influence of latitude error on gyrocompassing alignment. Experiment results show theeffective of the two proposed algorithm.

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