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Study on Straw-fiber/PVC Foaming Material

Author: XiaXingLan
Tutor: ZhangLuLing
School: Jiangxi Agricultural University,
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: straw fiber surface modification PVC foaming mechanical properties
CLC: TQ328
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s livingstandards, the use of the foam material is increasing in much wider areas, such as the useof packaging, shock absorption, sound insulation and heat insulation. The21st century,with the mankind putting more attention on protecting our environment upon which werely for existence, the foam material products are required to be economical and practical,convenient and beautiful, easily recyclable and easy for disposal. Despite the stillconsiderable demand of the traditional plastic foam products nowadays, they are greatlyhampered due to environmental pollution problems and easily aging shortages of theplastic material. So there is practical application value to study agricultural straw fiber,PVC or recycled PVC and produce new straw fiber/PVC foam material through foamtechnology, and it should be highly concerned.In this study, we do surface modification, alkalization treatment and grafting processto cotton straw fiber and then mix it with PVC and get the straw fiber/PVC compositematerial. We have studied the influences of the modification, different mixing ratio ofstraw fiber and PVC, coupling agent MAPP and maleic anhydride, DCP initiator contentand different mixing time on the mechanical properties of the composites, determined thebest ratio of composite materials, and obtained the straw fiber/PVC foam material byusing foam technology, we also tested the mechanical properties and analyzed themicroscopic characteristics of such foam material.The study results show that: grafting and surface modification have obvious influenceon the mechanical properties of straw fiber/PVC composite material; the mechanicalproperties of the composites will be strengthen by increasing the usage of the couplingagent MAPP; mix using of maleic anhydride and DCP can enhance the mechanicalproperties of the composites; the mechanical properties of the composite material is thebest when the mixing time is3min or9min; the overall performance of the foam materialproducts is the best when foaming agent content is1%of the PVC content. The study alsopointed out that the straw fiber/PVC foam material can make the straw utilization ratereaching93%and the PVC thermoplastic waste recycling rate at more than87%.

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