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Research on Intelligent Crop Growth Environment Monitoring and Management Technology

Author: ZhaoZuoMing
Tutor: MaYueJin; CaiZhenJiang
School: Agricultural University of Hebei
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Greenhouses WM Smart phone Expert Decision System Improved GP
CLC: S625
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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China is the world’s major agricultural country,and agriculture is a traditional andbasic industries of china. With the continuous improvement and progress of the basicconditions,input level,science and technology degree of China’s agriculture,agriculturalproduction have made a substantial growth.However,agricultural development of Chinastill faces many problems and challenges. So implementation of ecological agriculture inline with China’s national conditions is the necessary way to promote China’s agriculturaldevelopment. This study is for the majority of rural, aiming at the environmentalmonitoring and crop production management of the north district simplified greenhouse.The research work and innovation is composed of two parts:1、Environmental monitoring system based on the solar-powered. The research workincludes:(1) Against to the simple greenhouse internal shabby actual environment, thesystem takes solar power program which has improved the convenience of installation ofmonitoring devices;(2)The system uses a microcontroller as controller,and it can collectand store the temperature, humidity, light intensity, soil moisture and other parameters ofthe simple greenhouse environment.(3)The system has studied the enviromentalmonitoring system that communicates with the smart phone via bluetooth technology andtransmits the real-time parameters. Major innovations include:(1) novel monitoring devicestructure design, and solar-powered program allows the flexibility and portability of themonitoring system has been greatly improved, and because of the portability and low costof the monitoring device, it laid the foundation for promotion of rural simple greenhouses;(2)That the bluetooth technology used in monitoring system can provide sufficient datafor smart phones to make spot decisions quickly and easily.2、Distributed expert decision-making system. The research work includes:(1)Combined expert systems theory with the architecture of the agricultural expert system,thestudy developed the agricultural expert decision-making system in the PC,in which theinference engine uses improved GP(Genetic Programming) uncertainty reasoningalgorithm to increase their reasoning ability;(2)in the smart phone platform which is underthe WM(Windows Mobile) system,the study developed a the simplified expert decision-making system,to make the filed decision guidance for the simple cases of thesimple greenhouse,in which the reasoning part adopt mixed reasoning algorithm, the partof greenhouse control decision adopt the fuzzy decoupling control algorithm, to realize thetemperature and humidity decoupling control.(3) For the complicated problem which thesmart mobile decision system unable to solve, using GSM network, send the problem tothe background PC end decision system for solving, to realize communication between thedistributed expert decision system. And can store the decision result in the currentintelligent mobile terminal system database, to realize the update of the dynamic systemknowledge database. The main innovation including:(1) Using the WM smart phones asBridge, realize the seamless connection of the ordinary farmers and expert decision system,to achieve a truly universal application of the expert decision system;(2) According to thehardware features of PC and smart mobile phone, this study design a distributed expertdecision system;(3) For the existing agricultural expert decision-making system can onlyhandle simple problems, which is difficult to give accurately solutions for complex andvolatile situation, this study adopts improved GP algorithm increases the background PCexpert decision system reasoning ability in the reasoning machine part.Through the experimental test, monitoring system in this study can run well under theenvironmental conditions in northern China Easy greenhouses. It can realize real-time,accurately monitoring and collection of the parameters of the data in the greenhouseenvironment; The smart phone end systems in distributed system can give effectivedecision management solutions in the field. For more complex problems such as plantdiseases and insect pests can be effectively solved through the background PC system.Low-cost, easy installation and flexible, as well as the popularity of smart phones makesthis study met the requirements of the majority of rural simple greenhouses.

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