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Analysis of the Difference and Characteristics of Tobatxo’s Metabolic among Three Regions in Yunnan Province

Author: ZhaoXianFeng
Tutor: LiuWeiQun
School: Henan Agricultural University
Course: Tobacco science
Keywords: flue-cured tobacco ecological conditions Primary metabolism secondarymetabolism chemical composition
CLC: S572
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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In order to study the formation mechanism and metabolic characteristic ofthe quality of tobacco leaves in the different ecological conditions, according to theyears of tobacco quality evaluation results: Puer (tobacco of southwest Yunnan,higher nicotine, leaf blade slightly thin); Yuxi (tobacco of Yunnan, moderate nicotine,slightly high starch content) and Chuxiong (tobacco of Western Yunnan, higher sugaralkali). It studied that relationship and difference among primary metabolism,secondary metabolism and the accumulation and distribution of materials of the fieldof flue-cured tobacco in different developmental stages under three regions in2009and2010years. The main results are as follows:1. The study of the key nitrogen metabolism enzyme (NR, GS, GDH),carbonmetabolism enzyme (SS and SPS), gene expression of enzymes, carbohydrate(starch and cellulose) and the tissue structure of tobacco leaf under three regionsshowed that: The key period of carbon and nitrogen metabolic strength wastransformated after80d of transplanting inYuxi, as well as that of carbon source tothe irreversible direction distribution of strong critical period, and began to enter thephysiological maturity stage.It entered the process maturity after95d of transplanting.The key period of carbon and nitrogen metabolic strength was transformated after60dof transplanting, but the strong critical period of carbon source to the irreversibledirection distribution and physiological maturity stage of Puer tobacco leaves weresame as Yuxi tobacco after80d of transplanting, and the metabolic strength waslower Yuxi. It entered the process maturity after100d of transplanting. The keyperiod of carbon and nitrogen metabolic strength of Chuxiong was transformated after65d of transplanting, but the strong critical period of carbon source to the irreversibledirection distribution of Puer tobacco leaf was ertered after r85d of transplanting, andphysiological maturity stage was after95d of transplanting, and the metabolic strengthwas lower Yuxi, the process maturity was entered after105d of transplanting. Thestrength of primary metabolic intensity Yuxi tobacco leaf was relatively higher thanthat of tea and Chuxiong, the ratioof reversible carbon flow (starch) less than Puerand Chuxiong, and the to ratio of irreversible carbon flow (cellulose) distribution hasmore than Puer and Chuxiong, the leaf thick in Chuxiong was higher than Yuxi tobacco.2. The study of the key secondary metabolism enzyme (PAL, PPO, TDC, DXR andHMGR), gene expression of enzymes, secondary metabolites (phenolic compounds,organic acids, plastid pigment) and neutral aroma constituents under three regionsshowed that:The key period of strength conversion of the primary metabolism tophenolic secondary metabolism was transformated after60-75d of transplanting Yuxitobacco leaves, Puer at60d and Chuxiong at95d.The polyphenols were higher thanthat of Puer and Chuxiong.The key period of strength conversion of the primarymetabolism to monoterpenoid indole alkaloids Yuxi tobacco leaf were transformatedafter60-75d of transplanting Yuxi tobacco leaf, Puer at60d and Chuxiong at85d, andit was similar to phenolic metabolism. The key period of strength conversion of theprimary metabolism to terpenoid metabolic Yuxi tobacco leaf were transformatedafter75d of transplanting Yuxi tobacco leaf, Puer at80d and Chuxiong at85d, and itwas similar to phenolic metabolism. The secondary metabolites with total organicacid content, the plastid chlorophyll a and b Yuxi tobacco were higher than that ofPuer and Chuxiong, while the content of carotenoid was below Puer and Chuxiong.The neutral aroma components of Chuxiong tobacco were significantly higher thanthat of Yuxi.3. The analysis of intrinsic chemical composition of the tobacco leaves under threeregions showed that: The total sugar content of tobacco in Yuxi is higher than Puerand Chuxiong.The total nitrogen content is less than Puer and Chuxiong, the nicotinecontent was below to Puer, and Chuxiong had no significant difference, the sugaralkali ratio and the C/N ratio was significantly higher than Puer, compared with Yuxi,they were no difference. The result of the experiment was as same as the analysis ofmain chemical components of flue-cured tobacco in Yunnan province statisticalresult.

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