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Evaluating and Screening of the Appropriate Grape Cultivars to Promote Early Maturing in Greenhouse

Author: XieJiMeng
Tutor: LiuFengZhi
School: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Course: Pomology
Keywords: grape in greenhouse protected cultivation to promote early maturing environmentaladaptability regulation characteristics of fruit maturation yield characteristics fruit qualitycharacteristics
CLC: S663.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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The objective of this research was to screen the most appropriate grape cultivars whosecomprehensive characters performed well in greenhouse. It also put forward the theory basis andprinciples for evaluating and screening the suitable cultivars in greenhouse.22grapevines wereused to determine environmental adaptability, regulation characteristics of fruit maturation, yieldcharacteristics and fruit quality characteristics, which were compared among cultivars.1. The results from the study about environmental adaptability of different grape cultivarswere showed as follows:1) light (light intensity、lightquality and illumination time) was the mainenvironmental factor which affected the ability of sustainable productivity of grape cultivars;2)Hongqitezaomeigui、Zizhenxiang、Centenial Seedless、Wuhezaohong、87-1、Hongbiaowuhe、Cardinal、Pearl of Csaba、Otilia、Xiangfei and Hongxiangfei had high ability of sustainableproductivity, which indicated that the above cultivars had high environmental adaptablity;3) Thephotosynthetic physiological indexes: Light compensation point, the chlorophyll(a) content, thechlorophyll(a+b) content and the difference value for photosynthetic capacity in open cultivationminus photosynthetic capacity in greenhouse could be used to judge the ability of sustainableproductivity of grape cultivars in greenhouse.4) The grape cultivars with high tolerant of low lightin greenhouse had high ability of sustainable productivity.2. The results from the study about regulation characteristics of fruit maturation of differentgrape cultivars were showed as follows:1) Comparing with Utah model and≤7.2℃model,0~7.2℃model was the most suitable model to estimate chilling requirement under the intense coldcondition of triple-phase temperature regulation and dormancy with leaves.2) There was nosignificant correlation between chilling requirement and heat requirement of grape cultivars ingreenhouse, but fruit maturation was mighty significant correlation with chilling requirement andheat requirement, which indicated that chilling requirement and heat requirement had a commoninfluence on regulation characteristics of fruit maturation;3) Pearl of Csaba,87-1, Xiangfei,Hongxiangfei, Otilia, Wuhezaohong, Hongbiaowuhe, Jingxiu, Cardinal, and Hongqitezaomeiguihad a short fruit maturation, and the value of fruit maturation was between170days and220days;Jing Ya, Summer Black, Bronx seedless, Hongshuangwei, Jumeigui, and Zizhenxiang had amiddle fruit maturation, and the value of fruit maturation was between201days and220days;Mars Seedless, Fujiminori, Yatomi Rosa, Superior Seedless, Centenial Seedless and Kyoho have along fruit maturation, and the value of fruit maturation was between221days and250days.3. The results from the study about yield characteristics and fruits quality of different grapecultivars were showed as follows:1) Hongqitezaomeigui, Zizhenxiang,87-1, Cardinal, CentenialSeedless, Xiangfei and Hongxiangfei which had no phenomenon of off-year yield, were high yieldcultivars, the yield per plant was over1.2kg; Wuhezaohong, Hongbiaowuhe, Pearl of Csaba,Otilia,, Hongshuangwei, Fujiminori, and Jumeigui which had no phenomenon of off-year yieldexcept Hongshuangwei, Fujiminori and Jumeigui, were middle yield cultivars, the yield per plant was over0.75kg; Kyoho, Superior Seedless, JingYa, Bronx seedless, Mars Seedless, SummerBlack, Jingxiu, and Yatomi Rosa which had phenomenon of off-year yield, were low yieldcultivars, the yield per plant was below0.75kg.2) A: Jumeigui, Yatomi Rosa, Xiangfei, CentenialSeedless, Summer Black, and Hongxiangfei which had excellent comprehensive characters;Kyoho, JingYa, Fujiminori,87-1, Zizhenxiang, Cardinal, Pearl of Csaba and Otilia which had wellcomprehensive characters; Jingxiu, Hongshuangwei, Hongqitezaomeigui, Hongbiaowuhe,Wuhezaohong, Mars Seedless, Bronx seedless and Superior Seedless which had poorcomprehensive characters.4. The results from comprehensive evaluation with topsis method were showed as follows:1)Hongqitezaomeigui, Zizhenxiang, Xiangfei, Wuhezaohong, Cardinal, Hongbiaowuhe,87-1andCentenial Seedless, which had excellent comprehensive characters were the most appropriategrape to promote early maturing in greenhouse;2) Pearl of Csaba, Otilia, Hongxiangfei,Hongshuangwei, Jumeigui and Superior Seedless, which had well comprehensive characters weremore appropriate grape to promote early maturing in greenhouse, but Hongshuangwei, Jumeiguiand Superior Seedless which had to be adopted the technical measures of the ability of sustainableproductivity could be cultivated in greenhouse;3) Bronx seedless, Fujiminori, Mars Seedless,JingYa, Jingxiu, Kyoho, Yatomi Rosa and Summer Black which had poor comprehensivecharacters were not suitable to promote early maturing in greenhouse, unless the above grapecultivars were adapted the technical measures of the ability of sustainable productivity.

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