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The Effect of Rootstock on Rootstock-Scion Affinity in Seedling of Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis)

Author: MaoLiJun
Tutor: LinWeiFu
School: Hainan University
Course: Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords: rubber trees(Hevea brasiliensis) rootstocks scions affinity
CLC: S794.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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rootstocks and scionsaffinity was the important affect factors of the scion’s growth, yield and others. The test Select rootstocks by different growth potential and strains,then, budding different kinds of buds on the same rootstock, In this way,we can research rootstocks and scions’s affinity affect to scion’s growth、leaves’ nutrient contents、Photosynthetic,and the differences of Strains which bud on one rootstock. Discuss the interaction between rootstocks and scions. The main results are as follows:1. the scions’Survival rate and germination rate which bud on large rootstocks were very significantly or significantly higher than the scions which bud on small rootstocks. the scions’growth height and girth which bud on Large rootstocks were very significantly higher than the scions which small rootstocks. The genetic relationship scions are closer, the buding survival rate were higher, the buding germination rate were also higher, the scions’growth is also relatively good. Rootstocks’Growth potential and strains can not significantly enhance the scions’leaves canopy and the distance of leaves canopy. This shows that rootstocks growth potential was good, the genetic background of scion was closer, rootstocks and scions’Affinity was better.2. RRIM600 scions’、GT1 scions、rootstock own scions’leaves phosphorus contents of their buds and leaves K contents which bud on Large rootstocks were very significantly or significantly higher than that bud on small rootstocks; The closer the genetic background of scions, the higher leaves P contents and leavs K contents of scions; Rootstocks’Growth potential and strains affect to scions’ N contents in scions treatment combination were not significant; Rootstocks’ Growth potential and strains affect to leaves Calcium contents and leaves Magnesium contents of Scions were Complex. This shows that rootstock and scions’ affinity influenced nutrient accumulation of scions’leaves.3. Whether the rootstocks were RRIM600 seed or GT1 seed, the scions leaves’Photo and Ci which bud on Large rootstocks are very significantly than the scions which bud on small rootstocks. Apart from individual action, the scions leaves’Cond which bud on Large rootstocks are very significantly than the scions which bud on small rootstocks; Compared the differences buds on the same rootstock,rootstocks Own buds’Photo、Ci、Cond were higher than RRIM600 buds and GT1 buds; RRIM600 scions’Photo,Ci, Cond which bud on the RRIM600 seeds rootstock were higher than GT1 scions; GT1 scions’Photo,Ci, Cond which bud on the RRIM600 seeds rootstock were higher than RRIM600 scions.Rootstocks’Growth potential and strains affected to Trmmol were not significantly. Scion’leaves water use efficiency influenced by the combination of Scions. Described above, the affinity of rootstock and scion can increase photosynthetic capacity.4. the scions’Biomass which bud on Large rootstocks were very significantly than the scions which bud on small rootstocks. The genetic relationship of Rootstock and scions was closer, the scions’Biomass was bigger.these show that rootstocks and scions’Affinity cuold increased the biomass of scions

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