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  1. Comparative Studies on Drought-tolerance, Salt-tolerance and Alkalinity Tolerance of Four Vitis Rootstocks,SunZuo/Ningxia University,0/2
  2. Research on the Influence of Main Factors on Replant Soil of Different Apple Rootstocks,SunChuanXiang/Shandong Agricultural University,0/29
  3. Studies on Bloom Formation on Fruit Surface of Cucumber and the Relationship with Absorption and Distribution of Silicon,ShenQiong/Shandong Agricultural University,0/16
  4. Physiological Character, Saline Tolerance and Dwarf Cultivation Technology of Different Cherry Varieties in Sunlight Greenhouse of North,XuHuiJie/Tianjin Agricultural,0/6
  5. The Effect of Rootstock on Rootstock-Scion Affinity in Seedling of Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis),MaoLiJun/Hainan University,0/17
  6. Analysis of Drought Resistance of Five Citrus Rootstocks under Pot Culture,ZhongJing/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/113
  7. The Morphological and Physiological Responses of Apple Rootstocks to Zinc-deficiency Stress and Regulation of IAA in the Root Growth,WangJinHua/Shandong Agricultural University,0/114
  8. Study on Physiological Responses and Quaporin Expression of Two Malus Rootstocks under Drought Stress and the Function of MpPIP1;1,LiuChangHai/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/157
  9. Physiological Differences of Apple Rootstocks with Different Salt Tolerance Response to Salt Stress and Mitigation Effects of Melatonin,LiChao/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/174
  10. Screening of Rootstock Resources Resistant to Foot Rot of Citrus&Fungicides and Prediction for RXLR Effectors from Phytophthora Parasitica,HuangJingLong/Southwestern University,0/18
  11. Apomictic Dwarf Apple Germplasm Innovation,ShaGuangLi/Shandong Agricultural University,3/381
  12. Study on the Photosynthesis and C4 Pathway Photosynthetic Characteristics in Citrus,HuLiMing/Huazhong Agricultural University,7/459
  13. Evaluation of Hypoxia Tolerance for Malus Rootstock Seedlings and Study on Physiological Metabolism of Adaptation to Hypoxia Stress,LiCuiYing/Northwest University of Science and Technology,3/322
  14. Study on Response Mechanism and Resistance-Related Genes Expression Analysis of Two Apple Rootstocks to Drought Stress,WangShunCai/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/219
  15. Identification of Rootzone Hypoxia Tolerance in Apple Rootstocks and Study on Their Mechanism,BaiTuanHui/Northwest University of Science and Technology,1/185
  16. Salt Resistance Difference of Rootstocks and Its Effect on the Salt Resistance of Cucumber Seedlings,LiZuoNa/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/113
  17. Studies on Cold Resistance Identification and Mechanism of Grapevine Rootstocks,XieLiFen/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,3/444
  18. Comparative Studies on Anatomical Structure of Roots in Two Citrus Somatic Hybrids and Several Primary Rootstocks,LiuXia/Huazhong Agricultural University,0/137
  19. Study on the Effects of Rootstocks on Growth and Physiological Biochemistry of Grape,WangMeiJun/Hunan Agricultural University,2/211
  20. Effects of Water Stress on Physiological Biochemistry、Mineral Element and Leaf Apparatus’s Ultrastructure of Almond Rootstocks,WangLiNa/Xinjiang Agricultural University,3/192
  21. Studies on the Effects of Rootstock on Characteristic of Physiology and Biochemistry, Fruit Quality of Grapevines,MaYuKun/Gansu Agricultural University,0/454
  22. Several Kind of Apples Stocks Tissue Culture Technology Research,ZhangQingTian/Shandong Agricultural University,5/383
  23. Analysis and Establishment AFLP Fingerprinting of SH Line Apple Rootstocks,PuNaNa/Agricultural University of Hebei,1/127
  24. Effects of Stockes and Different Nutrient Level on the Growth and Disease Resistance of Grape,DengJianPing/Hunan Agricultural University,6/139
  25. Salt Tolerant Mutant Screening and RAPD Analysis on Apple Rootstock,SunNing/Agricultural University of Hebei,2/143
  26. Studies on Rose Standards’ Rootstocks,YinYanFeng/Beijing Forestry University,1/152
  27. Effect of Salinity on Photosynthesis of Young Pear Trees with Different Rootstocks-scion Combonations,GaoGuangLin/Nanjing Agricultural College,4/300
  28. The Studies on Selection of Hevea Rubber Seedling of Different Sensitivity to Ethrel Injury,ZhangHongMei/South China University of Tropical Agriculture,2/57
  29. Lignin Metabolism and Its Regulation in Apple Rootstock M.Hupehensis Rehd.,YuMingGe/Shandong Agricultural University,0/129
  30. Study on Technic of Root-Cutting Graft of Watermelon,WenRuiQin/Shanxi Agricultural University,2/192
  31. Effect of Iron-deficiency Stress on Physiological and Biological Characters of Apple Rootstocks,LiZhenXia/Agricultural University of Hebei,5/196
  32. Preliminary Study on the Rosa Rootstock Resistance to Crown Gall,PengYongZheng/China Agricultural University,0/139
  33. Studies on Screening of Salt-tolerant Variant Cell Lines and Identifing Index of Apple Rootstocks,LiZengYu/Agricultural University of Hebei,5/110
  34. Study on Automatic Orientation System of Stock in Vegetable Automation Grafting Based on Image Processing Technology,GongZhiHua/China Agricultural University,5/146
  35. Test Studies and Design on Cutting Mechanism of Grafting Machine,LiMing/Hunan Agricultural University,7/175
  36. The Drought Resistance of Different Citrus Rootstock Seedlings,MaWenTao/Guizhou University,9/304
  37. Studies on Quick Propagation of ’Xue Shan Jiao Xia’ Rose and Some Suggestions to Tree Rose’s Cultivation Reformation,LiJianPing/Beijing Forestry University,4/216
  38. Study of Salt Stress on Anatomic Structure of Almond Rootstocks Nutritional Apparatus,HouJiangTao/Xinjiang Agricultural University,4/216
  39. Biological Responses to Divided-root Alternative Irrigation of ’Malvasia’ Grafted on 3309C, 420A and 110R,ZuoWei/Shandong Agricultural University,1/158
  40. Optimization of Genetic Transformation System and Genetic Transformation of rolB Gene in Rootstocks of Apple,LiHaiYun/Jilin Agricultural University,1/213
  41. Molecular Analysis, Morphological Evaluation and Propagation of the Transgenic Citrange with Rol ABC Genes,HuChunHua/Hunan Agricultural University,2/145
  42. Key Technology Research grafted watermelon facility cultivation,FanHongWei/Zhejiang University,3/251
  43. Interaction between Rootstock and Scion of the Grafted Hevea Brasiliensis in Physiological and Biochemical Characteristics of Latex,HuangGuoTao/South China University of Tropical Agriculture,5/152
  44. Studies on the Screening and Mechanism of Salt-tolerant Watermelon Stock,ZhangYunQi/Shandong Agricultural University,0/0
  45. Study on Chilling Tolerance and Laws of Growth and Development of Tomato Rootstocks and Grafted Seedlings,ZhangJuan/Shandong Agricultural University,0/0
  46. Studies on Dwarfing Mechanisms of Sweet Cherry Dwarfing Rootstocks,WangHongWei/Shandong Agricultural University,0/0
  47. Study on the Technique System of Micropropagation in Vitro of Pear Dwarfing Rootstocks,LuoZuo/Sichuan Agricultural University,2/237
  48. Etemental Studies and Appravsals on the Effeets of the Three Kinds of Rootstorks to the Plum(Prunus Lindl.),ZhaoYuHui/Agricultural University of Hebei,0/132
  49. Studies on Salt-tolerant Indexes of Apple Rootstocks and Early-phase Evaluation with Hydroponics Systems,WangHuiYing/Agricultural University of Hebei,3/229
  50. Studies on Screening the Suitable Rootstock for ’Yatomi Rosa’ Grape,JiangAiLi/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/85

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