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  1. The Research on Group-Oriented Digital Signature, Signcryption, and Contract Signing,PengChangGen/Guizhou University,3/486
  2. Computable real recursive functions and be able to learn,LiZhiMin/Guizhou University,0/173
  3. A Study of Compatibility and Loop Formulas of Normal Logic Programs,WangYiSong/Guizhou University,2/94
  4. Peer-to-peer network routing algorithm,DuanXun/Guizhou University,1/543
  5. Security protocols and its BAN logic analysis,YangShiPing/Guizhou University,6/450
  6. The Strand Spaces Theory and Its Application to the Analysis of Security Protocols,LongShiGong/Guizhou University,3/375
  7. Structure and properties of cucurbituril and drug molecular self-assembly system,MouLan/Guizhou University,3/343
  8. Extraction and Identification of the Black Cutworm’s Sex Pheromone and Correlative Studies on Its Biology,XiangYuYong/Guizhou University,1/601
  9. Studies on Ecology of Complex Ecosystem of Leafminers and Natural Enemies,ChenWenLong/Guizhou University,0/206
  10. Inhibitory Activity and Mechanism of Action of 2-cyanoacrylate Against TMV,LvYinPu/Guizhou University,1/282
  11. Containing 1,3,4 - thiadiazole ( evil ) diazole sulfone derivatives, synthesis and biological activity of,ChenCaiJun/Guizhou University,0/442
  12. Studies on the Systematics of the Genus Paecilomyces Bainier in China and the Pathogenicity of Some Isolates,HanYanFeng/Guizhou University,5/563
  13. Synthesis and Bioactivity Research of New Quinazoline Compounds,LiuGang/Guizhou University,4/598
  14. Second Chapter Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Dendrolobium Triangulare (Retz.),ZhangQianJun/Guizhou University,1/420
  15. Secure Information Flow Based on Syntax Analysis,YaoJianBo/Guizhou University,1/236
  16. UML model of the semantic model,YangJing/Guizhou University,5/677
  17. The Application Study on Formalism and Model Checking Techniques of Electronic Commerce Protocols,WenJingHua/Guizhou University,2/502
  18. Agrobacterium tumefaciens the antagonistic fungi screening , fermentation and organotin compounds against TMV, anticancer mechanism,LiZhu/Guizhou University,1/216
  19. SWARM simulation of commercial bank credit markets, asymmetric information game based Agent,TianFeng/Guizhou University,0/955
  20. Model Checking for Mobile Ambients,JiangHua/Guizhou University,2/140
  21. Research on Software Reliability Analysis and Correlative Questions in Agile Development Methodology,WangXiaoHua/Guizhou University,3/635
  22. Secure Database and Its Application Based on Encrypted Database,YinChunYong/Guizhou University,1/442
  23. Study on Flexible Access Control,ZhangMingSheng/Guizhou University,0/229
  24. The Research and Application of Formalized Methods of Multi-party Security Protocols Analysis,WangXueMing/Guizhou University,4/346
  25. Based on the separation belief update,WuMaoNian/Guizhou University,1/63
  26. Screening of High Virulent Isolate of Paecilomyces Cicadae, Culture and the Pathogenesis to Aphid,LiZhong/Guizhou University,0/167
  27. Synthesis of new pyrazole derivatives and anti-viral and anti-cancer biological activity of,OuYangGuiPing/Guizhou University,4/529
  28. Eucommia protein purification , sequence analysis and antibacterial activity of,LiuShiHui/Guizhou University,2/408
  29. Research and Application of Chitosan Composite Membrane with antibacterial function,WangMingLi/Guizhou University,6/1090
  30. Natural biological source of Pago alkoxy triterpenoids Synthesis of isotopically labeled analogs,PanWeiDong/Guizhou University,0/140
  31. 19 species of volatile oil components and biological activity of,GaoYuQiong/Guizhou University,1/869
  32. Complex network stability study,GuoBenHua/Guizhou University,1/962
  33. Guizhou white thorn flowers, red leaves of Litsea Yunnan Litsea chemical composition and biological activity of,ChenQing/Guizhou University,1/644
  34. Population Ecology and Toxicology of Control Atmosphere Against Pest in Stored Chinese Medicine Material,LiCan/Guizhou University,0/160
  35. Built - in self- test technology integrated circuit low-power,WangYi/Guizhou University,0/263
  36. Transport behavior of low-dimensional quantum systems,HanYueWu/Guizhou University,0/215
  37. Research and Optimization of Key Algorithm for New Generation Video Coding Standards,WuYun/Guizhou University,0/228
  38. The Research of System, Rules and Checking of Protocol Based on TLA,WanLiang/Guizhou University,2/164
  39. Research on Relationship and Transition between the Software Reliability and Safety,FanLinBo/Guizhou University,1/415
  40. Key Technology Research multicast overlay network - based video transmission,KongGuangQian/Guizhou University,0/130
  41. Intelligent optimization support vector machine prediction algorithm and applied research,ChenQiSong/Guizhou University,3/912
  42. The Recombinant Expression and Functional Analysis of Organophosphorous Hydrolase in Tomato and Cucumber,ZhaoJieHong/Guizhou University,1/213
  43. Study on Interaction Systems of Bipyridylium Herbicides with Cucurbiturils and Their Anti-microbial and Weeding Activity,LvLiBin/Guizhou University,1/143
  44. Synthesis of 1,2,4 - triazole derivatives and anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity of gallic acid as a pilot,LiQianZhu/Guizhou University,0/225
  45. Self-assembly and Applied Fundamental Research Involving Cucurbit[n]urils with Some N-heterocyclic Pesticides,HuangYing/Guizhou University,1/311
  46. Research on Arthropod Community in Tall Fescue Artificial Grassland,ZhouYuFeng/Guizhou University,0/48
  47. Plant Transformation of ChIFN-α Gene and the Mediated Resistance to TMV of Transgenic Tobacco,SongLi/Guizhou University,1/209
  48. Study on Transgenic Plant for the Expression and Activity Analysis of Chicken Interferon Gamma,WuYongJun/Guizhou University,0/107
  49. Studies on Some Biological Characteristics and P32 Gene Encoding for the Main Structural Protein of Goat Pox Virus,ChengZhenTao/Guizhou University,4/112
  50. Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Megophrydae,WeiGang/Guizhou University,0/137

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