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The Effect of Lactosucrose on the Antioxidant and Inflammatory of Ileum in Weaning Rats

Author: ZhangCui
Tutor: YinYuLong; RuanZheng
School: Nanchang University
Course: Food, oil and vegetable protein
Keywords: Lactosucrose weaning stressor antioxidant morphology short chainfatty acids inflammation cytokines
CLC: R151
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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During the period of weaning, the animals were subjected to many stressors, including separation from the sow, being moved, and transformation from milk to a solid diet. Those stressors could induce reduced growth rates, the production of ROS, the villous atrophy and crypt hyperplasia, the inflammation of intestinal and the concentration of short chain fatty acid and microbacteria in the intestinal. The purpose of study investigate the influence of LS in the diet on weaning stress of rats by determining the biochemistry indicator of plasma, antioxidant capacity of ileum and plasma, the concentration of short chain fatty acids in chyme of ileum and cytokines of ileum of the weaning rats.Result of experiment has shown that the supplement of LS in the diet could improve the growth rate of weaning rats. The content of IgM in the plasma was significantly decreased (P<0.05). In contrast of control, the content of IgM in plasma of the rats with diet addition with LS for28d was decreased by46.15%, the content of CHOL increased16.23%and the activity of LDH decreased18.75%(P<0.05). Therefore, the supplement of LS in the diet can improve the growth rate of weight and the blood profile of weaned rats.To determine the influence of LS on the antioxidant capacity of weaned rats, antioxidant associated enzymes, iNOS, SOD, CAT and GSH-Px, the production of lipidpreoxide in the plasma and ileum, and the morphology and the number of lymphocyte of ileum was observed. In14dats, the activity of SOD of weaned rats obtained the diet addition LS was increased11.51%compared with rats without that. In contrast with control group, the activity of CAT, GSH-Px and iNOS in the plasma of weaned rats supply with LS for28d was decreased53.29%、13.31%and94.03%respectively(P<0.05). As well as the activity of SOD in the ileum of weaned rats receiving the dietary contained the LS for28d was increased23.49%, the activity of iNOS and CAT was decreased81.20%and17.51%, and the content of MDA was decreased36.82%. The number of lymphocyte in the ileum of weaned rats supplemented with LS was significantly higher than that in the control group. So, the supplement of LS in the diet of weaned rats can decline the activity of enzyme promoting the production of radical, reduce the lipid peroxidant and increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes to alleviate the antioxidant inducing by weaned. Meanwhile, LS can change the morphology and number of lymphocyte of ileum of weaned rats.To evaluate the effect of LS on the content of short chain fatty acids of chyme and the inflammatory cytokine of ileum, the content of acetic, propionic and butyrate in the chyme and the expression of IFN-y、IL-6、IL-10and IL-12of the ileum musoca was determined. The result demonstrated that, in14d, the content of butyrate in chyme of ileum of weaned rats supply with LS was increased52.47%, the content of IFN-y in the plasma reduced27.03%, IL-6of plasma increased15.27%, and the expression of IFN-y、IL-6in the level of mRNA of ileum mucosa decreased88.89%and84.81%, the IL-10of mRNA increased211.76%(P<0.05),compared with that of rats in control group. The concentration of acetic, propionic and butyrate of chyme of ileum was increased34.46%、44.86%and125.65%(P<0.05). In conclusion, the supplement of LS can increase the content of SCFA in the chyme of ileum and increase the expression and content of anti-inflammatory cytokines in plasma or ileum, and decrease that of pro-inflammatory.In conclusion, the supplement of LS can improve the metabolism of protein, carbohydrate and cholesterol, enhance the capacity of antioxidant, increase the concetration of SCFA in thyme of ileum, and maintain the banlance of pro-inflammation and anti-inflammation the of weaning rats.

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