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The Discussion of the Mechanism and Effect of Cabbage and Beans on the Thyroid in Rat

Author: ChengYao
Tutor: WangYu;ZhangGeXiang
School: Lanzhou University
Course: Nutrition and Food Hygiene
Keywords: Thyroid Rats Cabbage Beans
CLC: R151
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Objective By observation the short-term (30d) effects and long-term (90d) effects of food matching between rich thiocyanate (cabbage) and flavonoids (bean) having an influence on structure and function of thyroid in rats, combination of the effect about food utilization, blood routine, biochemical indexes, organ coefficient, antioxidant activities and histopathology of organ damage in rats. Comprehensive study of the biological effect of these plant compounds. The related people are then guided to have a healthy balanced diet for reference.Method Practical approach for simulating human feeding, food type and dosage, the rats divided into different groups according the design of experiment and feeding by the single or jointly such food rich in thiocyanate (cabbage) and flavonoids (bean).Compute food utilization according the food-intake and weight of rats after shore-term(30d) and long-term(90d) feeding. In separately three phases of experiment(30d,60d,90d),the blood was collected from the abdominal aorta to examine blood routine, biochemical indexes, the function of thyroid and cardiac muscle enzyme in rat. Then the rats are sacrificed, weighed the removed thyroid, liver, kidney, heart, thymus, spleen and calculated its coefficient. After fixing thyroid tissues use TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) tested it. Prepared thyroid into single cell suspension for inspection, FCM(flow cytometry) are provided with modeling and analysis of DNA ploidy and cell cycle.ResultDiscovered of Short-term (30d) feeding1. On food utilization side, it was found that there are without obvious effect on food intake, while group HG decreased slightly in the first week, but with the progress of the experiment extended, there is no significant difference between each group.2. On blood routine side, HCT in groups CG、BG and LG was higher than group NG(P<0.01, P<0.05), MCHC in group CG was lower than group NG(P<0.05);WBC in group NG was higher than the other five groups, P<0.05which compared with group LG and HG;GRA in group NG was lower than the other five groups, P<0.05which compared with group BG and HG, and compared with group CG and LG P<0.01; LYM in group NG was higher than the other five groups, P<0.05which compared with the group MG, and compared with groups CG, BG and LG P <0.01.3. On liver and kidney function side, Compared with the group NG, each experiment groups ALT/AST are decreased significantly(P<0.01).Compared with the group NG,TBIL is more significant in the groups CG,BG,MG and HG(P<0.01).Compared with group NG, groups BG, LG, MG, HG in rats BUN were significantly increased (P<0.05, P<0.01,P<0.05, P<0.05).4. On organ coefficient side, Compared with group NG, groups CG, BG, HG in rats liver coefficient were significantly decreased(P<0.05, P<0.01, P<0.05), however, there are no significant effect on kidney coefficient.5. On antioxidant activities side, T-SOD of group LG is lower than groups CG and BG (P<0.05). GSH-Px of groups BG and CG is higher than the other groups (P<0.05). MDA of groups HG is higher than groups NG and BG (P<0.05), MDA of group BG is lower than groups CG, LG, MG and HG (P<0.05).6. On the structure and function of thyroid side, Compared with the group NG, groups BG and HG in rats thyroid organ coefficient were significantly increased (P<0.05, P<0.01), however, no obvious effect on other groups; General pathology showed no significant in each group goiter, but compared with the group NG, groups CG,BG and HG could be observed connective tissue proliferation between cells and cell, HG than CG or BG hyperplasia more evident; In the TEM(transmission electron microscope), every joint dose group’s the particles of rough endoplasmic reticulum fall off, the mitochondrial cristae disappeared and individual cells Golgi complex irregular compared BG or CG, however, compared with NG, each group were observed significantly more in these changes. Also found that the FT4in groups BG, HG were lower than NG (P<0.05, P<0.01).Discovered of Long-term (90d) feeding1. From food utilization and analyzed, each group within11week have reduce then rises somewhat (P<0.01).2. Diet containing thiocyanate and flavonoids have no obvious effects on blood routine and biochemical indexes in rats.3. From organ coefficient and analyzed, thymus coefficient was significantly lower in groups MG and HG than group CG (P<0.01).Heart coefficient was higher in groups LG and MG than group NG, lower in group MG than group BG (P<0.05). Spleen coefficient was lower in group MG than groups NG, CG and HG (P<0.05).Liver coefficient was higher in group BG than group CG (P<0.05).4. From antioxidant activities and analyzed, T-SOD was lower in group MG than groups BG and LG (P<0.05).Cu-Zn SOD was lower in group MG than group NG (P<0.05).5. On the structure and function of thyroid side, from its structure, it has been analyzed in the thyroid coefficient group NG,CG, LG and MG that at90d is higher than at30d(P<0.01)and60d (P<0.05). Cycle cell G2of group MG is higher than the group of BG in cell cycle(P<0.05). From the function of thyroid it has been analyzed that antibodies TG, TM and TPO are negative, exclusive of autoimmune thyroid goiter. FT3is increased with time increasing in the group LG(P<0.05), and at60d group CG,BG,LG is higher than at30d(P<0.05), group LG is higher at90d than at30d (P<0.05).TSH of group HG at60d is higher than that of group CG,LG and MG(P<0.05). At30d, TSH of group MG is higher than at60d (P<0.05).Conclusions Mixed various indicators, Daily intake food rich thiocyanate and flavonoids had no obvious effect on the thyroid. With the increase of cumulative intake dose, The collocation showed some certain adverse effects, mainly damage the organizational structure and functional of thyroid, then influence the liver and kidney function and antioxidant function in varying degree. We should pay more attention to the intake of rich thiocyanate and flavonoid in daily life, therefore, attentions must be made to those with history of potential thyroid and related disease should have the control of food rich in thiocyanate and flavonoids.

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