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Evaluation of the Therapeutic Effect of Qingre Chubi Soup on Moist Heat Type of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Its Influence on Nf-κB

Author: WangJing
Tutor: SunWeiFeng
School: Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: RA Qingre Chubi soup Therapeutic effect Mechanism NF-κB
CLC: R259
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Objects1. To evaluate the clinical effect and security of Qingre Chubi soup on moist heat type of rheumatoid arthritis(RA) by observing the changes of clinical symptoms, RF, ESR, CRP and indicators of safety.2. To investigate the influence of Qingre Chubi soup on signs of live, body weight, CRP,routine blood test, liver and kindney functionuric in Modelof Shi-re-bi rat, that to prove its effectiveness and safety.3. To investigate the influence of Qingre Chubi soup on NF-κB gene in the synovial joints of Shi-re-bi rat, that to search for the possible mechanism of Qingre Chubi soup.Methods1.32patients of moist heat type of RA were randomly divided into Combination of traditional Chinese and Western treatment group(Referred to as the treatment group) and Western medicine therapy group(Referred to as the Control group). The patients in treatment group were treated by Qingre Chubi soup, Methotrexate(MTX) and Mel ox i cam. The patients in Control group were treated by the same medicine without Qingre Chubi soup. There were20days for a course of treatment. The clinical symptoms, physical signs and laboratory data before and after treatment were noted and compared.2.60SD male rats of SPF grade were randomly divided into High-dose Qingre Chubi soup group, Medium-dose Qingre Chubi soup group, Low-dose Qingre Chubi soup group, SHI-re-bi tablet group, Model group and Control group. All rats were established with Adjuvant arthritis model combined with high temperature and high humidity environment method to build Model of Shi-re-bi rat except Control group. In the16th days of Text, model making success and the corresponding drugs were administrated at the17th day. On the37th day, the blood was obtained from the hearh to detect routine blood test, liver and kindney function.Part of the synovial joints in the rats is removed to do the common pathological analysis, the other part is used by real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR method for the determination of NF-κ B mRNA expression quantity.Results1.ACR20of the treatment group and the control was46.7%and42.9%respectively, ACR5033.3%and28.6%. The total effective rate was86.7%in the treatment group, and42.9%in the control group. There was statistically significant difference between the two total effective rates (P<0.05). And also there was statistically significant difference in the VAS score, symptoms of joints, clinical symptoms and CRP of the two groups(P<0.05).2. The laboratory data of patients in the two groups, including blood routine, liver function, renal function,urine routine, were not significantly different after treatment (P>0.05)3. Qingre Chubi soup could significantly decrease swelling and increase body weight of rats of SHI-re-bi model.Its efficacy is quite with SHI-re-bi table. And there was no significant difference in the three kinds of Qingre Chubi soup (P>0.05). Qingre Chubi soup had no obvious effect in routine blood test, liver and kindney function, saying Qingre Chubi soup was saftey. Maybe there was no relationship between its treatment effect and dose.4. By real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR detection, NF-kappa-BmRNA of rats in the control group expressed a higher leve than gene of fats in the other four grouops, which were given drugs, the differerce was statistically significant (P<0.05). There was no statistical differerce in gene of fats in Qingre Chubi soup groups, that is same with the results between SHI-re-bi table group and each Qingre Chubi soup group(P>0.05).Conclusions1. Qingre Chubi soup could reduce the laboratory data and improve clinical symptoms effectively in patients with RA, while it is safety.2. Qingre Chubi soup could significantly decrease swelling, increase body weight and synovial infiammation of rats of SHI-re-bi model. Qingre Chubi soup was effective and safety, the efficacy may not be related with its dose. Qingre Chubi soup could inhibit NF-κ B to play effct, the NF-κ B may as one of therapeutic targets of RA.

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