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Clinical Observation and Experimental Study on the Improvement in Impulsive Behavior of Attention Deficit Disorder with the Method of ZishenPinggan

Author: LinJianYao
Tutor: XuShuangHong
School: Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese Academy of Pediatrics
Keywords: The method of Zishen Pinggan Impulsive behavior IVA-CPT test 5-CSRTT Kongsheng Zhenzhong Dan
CLC: R272
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Objective:Using self controlled study, this research makes induction and summarization through observing and comparing the ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) children’s scores for impulse items (AD) of DSM-IV before and after curing by the method of Zishen Pinggan. It also studies the comparion of the impulsive behavior of spontaneously hypertensive rats of the ADHD animal model which were curing by the the method of Zishen Pinggan before and after and compared with those in the control group, according to the detection of rat’s impulsive behaviors in Five-choices Continuous Reaction Time Task (5-CSRTT) and the main neuropathogenetic mechanisms of ADHD. Its results and clinic verifies each other. This provides evidence for further study of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment for ADHD.Methods:1. Using self controlled study, this research makes classification, statistics and summarization on the control study of20ADHD patients’ impulsive behavior before and after the treatment which were in accordance with the including criteria2.50SHR male rat were trained and given ADHD impulsive behavior test.(The rats were fed according to the experimental equirements in the training and test period). Then the qualifiers were divided into four groups, the high dose Kongsheng Zhenzhong Dan group, the middle dose Kongsheng Zhenzhong Dan, the low dose Kongsheng Zhenzhong Dan, Methylphenidate Hydrochloride group and saline control group, and then the groups were given the Kongsheng Zhenzhong Dan in planned concentrations, methylphenidate hydrochloride or normal saline. After4weeks, we would test the rats’impulsive behavior again, and analyze the resultsResults:1. Clinical results:In the20cases of clinical research:(1) sex ratio:17boys,3girls, the ratio is17:3;(2) medical age:6to8years old (8patients)40%;9to11years old (10patients)50%;12to14years old (2patients)10%;(3) The results of IVA-CPT testing evaluation:the results of IVA-CPT testing evaluation after treatment are obviously better than the results before the treatment (P<0.01)2. Experimental results:The impulsive behaviors of SHR rats in all the three Kongsheng Zhenzhong Dan groups were all reduced compared with before (P<0.05). There were differences between the Kongsheng Zhenzhong Dan groups and the normal saline group (P<0.05), but no differences between the Kongsheng Zhenzhong Dan groups and methylphenidate hydrochloride group (P>0.05)Conclusion:1. The method of Zishen Pinggan have some effects on the the improvement of Attention deficit disorder impulsive behavior, and the impulse items (AD) score of DSM-IV are improved obviously.2. Kongsheng Zhenzhong Dan can improve compulsive symptoms of the SHR rats. There are no obvious differences between the KongshengZhenzhongdan groups and methylphenidate hydrochloride group in this respect.

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