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The Preparation of Ni-B Amorphous Alloy Catalysts and Its Performance on Camphor Catalysis Hydrogenation

Author: YanFang
Tutor: WangWeiDe;ZhaoPeng
School: Huaqiao University
Course: Chemical Engineering
Keywords: Ni-B amorphous alloy Unsaturated cyclic ketone Asymmetric Catalytic Hydrogenation Camphor Isoborneol
CLC: O643.32
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The prochiral ketones asymmetric reduction of the preparation of the corresponding chiral alcohol compounds, asymmetric reduction in recent years, the frontier and the rapid development of this research, and has made remarkable achievements. In this experiment, the Ni-B amorphous alloy as the catalyst, catalytic camphorsulfonic hydrogenation synthetic borneol, studies show that the Ni-B amorphous alloy as the catalyst shows good catalytic activity and selectivity, camphorsulfonic conversion rate and Isoborneol higher yields were, respectively, 91.2% and 85.67%, Ni-B amorphous alloy catalyst, the atmospheric pressure catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation of the prepared Isoborneol experimental method feasibility camphor and superior sex. The experimental study of the following major elements: (1) through access to literature and theoretical analysis, drawn Ni-B amorphous alloy catalyst has good catalytic activity for saturated cyclic ketone carbonyl, preliminary to determine experimental program to Ni-B amorphous alloy catalyst, catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation synthesis borneol camphor atmospheric pressure. (2) Ni-B amorphous alloy catalyst the camphor hydrogenation of various influencing factors were investigated to determine the best preparation conditions of the catalyst, the the camphor highest conversion rate to 91.2%. Catalysts prepared under optimal conditions, the optimization of the reaction conditions, come to the reaction temperature of 40 ° C, reaction time 8h optimum conditions, camphor under the conditions of the maximum conversion rate of 91.2% larger. (3) Investigation camphorsulfonic catalytic hydrogenation performance of Ni-B of the add of Co, Cu, Mo, Zn, Sn, and other metal additives, and found to reduce the catalytic activity of the catalyst in different degrees, Co, Cu, Mo, of Zn and Sn can greatly improve the catalyst activity. Inspected adding different contents Sn (w (Sn) / w (Ni-B)) impact on the catalytic activity obtained when w (Sn) / w (Ni-B) to 8% of the highest activity of the catalyst. (4) γ-Al 2 O 3 for the catalyst carrier, the preparation method were investigated, the pH value, the nickel loading, N (KBH 4 ) / (Ni) (molar ratio), the impact of factors such as the calcination temperature of the catalyst on the catalyst performance, studies show that the catalyst of the Ni-B γ-Al 2 O 3 modification can improve the catalytic activity of the catalyst to a greater degree. The pH value of 12, n (KBH 4 ) / (Ni) is 3.5, the content of nickel loading is a maximum of 12% when the catalyst activity, further optimization of the preparation conditions and process conditions. (5) using the ultrasonic cleaning treatment of the catalyst, and to examine the effect of ultrasonic treatment time on the activity of the catalyst. Found that as the treatment time, the catalyst activity first increased gradually, 20min and then show a downward trend.

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