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The Effect of Xuebijing to the Endotoxin and TNF-α of Obstructive Jaundice Rats

Author: GuoJunWu
Tutor: QinWei; DaiYong; LiXiaoFeng
School: Qinghai University
Course: Surgery
Keywords: Xuebijing Obstructive jaundice Endotoxin Tumor necrosis factor alpha
CLC: R575
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Research shows that endotoxin blood disease has a high incidence in obstructivejaundice.Preoperative is24%~68%and postoperative is50%~75%.Mononuclearmacrophages system stimulated by endotoxin in the boby produce tumor necrosisfactor alpha.Endotoxin and tumor necrosis factor alpha can cause the damage to liver,kidney, immune, cardiac muscle, blood coagulation, gastrointestinal and pancreasfunction.Xuebijing injection is purified from the traditional chinese herbs of Safflower,Radix paeoniae rubra, Ligustici chuanxiong, Salvia miltiorrhiza and Angelica.It isreported that Xuebijing has the effects on direct anti-andotoxin and reducing therelease of cytokine out of control,and also can ameliorate microcirculation,protect andrepair the organ impaired.So far, no antagonist endotoxin drugs such as Xuebijing be used to treat obstructivejaundice.This experiment is designed to evaluation of the treatment effect ofXuebijing in treating obstructive jaundice throughing the determination of endotoxinand tumor necrosis factor alpha.Objective: To study the effect of Xuebijing on the expressions of tumor necrosisfactor alpha(TNF-α) and endotoxemia in murine experimental obstructive jaundicemodels.To provide theoretical basis for the antagonist endotoxin drugs in theapplication of obstructive jaundice.Methods: Sixty SD rats were randomly divided into three groups.A: sham operationgroup,20; B:Obstructive jaundice group,20; C: Xuebijing group,20. The rats in groupObstructive jaundice group and Xuebijing group suffered from bile duct ligation,while the sham operation group did not. One weeks later, rats in Xuebijing groupwere injected with Xuebijing subcutaneously two times a day. The dose was4ml/kg.The other two groups were injected with the same amount of saline. The endotoxin, the liver function and TNF-a were detected Two weeks after.Results: The level of ETX (0.033±0.011EU/m1) and TNF-α(181.19±86.25pg/ml)in Xuebijing group were much lower than those in Obstructive jaundice group (0.067±0.012EU/ml P<0.05;784.03±337.59pg/ml P<0.05). The levels of ETX inXuebijing group were positively correlated with the value of TNF-αwithin the groupwith r value of0.820(P <0.05).Conclusions:(1)Endotoxin content increased significantly in obstructive jaundice rats.(2)Tumor necrosis factor alpha increased significantly with the increasing ofendotoxin in obstructive jaundice rats.(3)Endotoxin content can be effectively reduced by Xuebijing in obstructivejaundice rats.(4)Tumor necrosis factor alpha content can be effectively reduced by Xuebijing inobstructive jaundice rats.

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