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Study on Effects of α-lipoic Acid on Antioxidation and Alleviating Insulin Resistance in Type2Diabetes Patients

Author: LiDanDan
Tutor: KuangJinSong
School: Dalian Medical University
Course: Endocrinology
Keywords: α-lipoic acid shuxuetong oxidative stress isletβcells function insulin resistance insulin sensitivity index
CLC: R587.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Objective:1.Observe total SOD activity,MDA content and the level of T-AOC changes and whether islet function to make better and insulin resistance evalution in patients with type2biabetes after the short-term intensive insulin antidabetic stress index insulin resistance in patients with type2diabetes with controlling the blood glucose.Methods:Serum total SOD acitivity,MDA content and the level of T-AOC,OGTT and OGIRT in patients of type2diabetic were tested before the treatment of14daysα-lipoic acid and shuxuetong acid or shuxuetong,and the patients were divided into two groups:(1) α-lipoic acid group,with controlling the blood glucose and blood-fat, afterα-lipoic acid treatment for14days,recheck above-mentioned indexes.(2)control group, with controlling the blood glucose and blood-fat,after shuxuetong treatment for14days, recheck above-mentioned indexes.Spectrophotometry was used to detect and calculate the total SOD activity,MDA content; enzyme linked immunosorbent assay was used to detect level of OGTT, chemiluminescence immune assay was used to detect levels of OGIRT.Results:1.Serum total SOD activity,MDA content and the level of T-AOCwere not significantly differernt inα-lipoic acid,shuxuetong group before and afterreceiving treatment.Serum total SOD activity was significantly increased(P<0.01)in22cases of patients after receiving14days the treatment of α-lipoic acid,withcontrolling the blood glucose and blood-fat,and MDA significantly decreased(P<0.01),the level of T-AOC significantly increased(P<0.01).Serum SOD activity was significantly increased(P<0.01)in20cases of patients after receiving14days the treatment of shuxuetong, with controlling the blood glucose and blood-fat,andMDA decreased(P>0.05),the level of T-AOC significantly increase(P<0.01).2.Comp arison of after receiving14days the treatment with α-lipoic acid or shuxuetong,the changes of serum total SOD activity and the level of T-AOC were not significantly differernt(P>0.05).but MDA decreased inα-lipoic acid more than in shuxuetong group,and exists statistical significance(P<0.05).3. α-lipoic acid group,with controlling the blood glucose and blood-fat,significantly improved isletβcells function(P<0.01), significantly alleviated insulin resistance(P<0.01),and significantly increased insulin sensitivity index(P<0.01).Shuxuetong group, with controlling the blood glucose and blood-fat, significantly improved isletβcells function(P<0.05),but shuxuetong group couldn’t alleviate insulin resistance and increase insulin sensitivity index.4.α-lipoic acid group was less better than shuxuetong group in improvingisletβcells function(P>0.05).α-lipoic acid group was significantly better than shuxuetong group in alleviate insulin resistance(P<0.05). α-lipoic acid group was significantly better than shuxuetong group in increasing insulin sensitivity index(P<0.05).Conclusion:1.Controlling the blood glucose,correctinghyperglycemia, improvingmicrocirculation and hypolipemic can improving serum total SOD activity, the level of T-AOC,but can’t decrease MDA content in type2diabetic patients.2. Controlling the blood glucose plusα-lipoic acid14d, can improving serum total SODactivity, the level of T-AOC and decrease MDA content,α-lipoic acid is better than shuxuetong group in oxidationresistant effects,oxidation resistance treatment is not obvious in a short time.3. With controlling the blood glucose and blood-fat,there is no significantly difference in α-lipoic acid group and shuxuetong group in improving isletβcells function(P>0.05). α-lipoic acid is better than shuxuetong group in alleviating insulin resistance and increased insulin sensitivity index(P<0.05).But there is no this function in shuxuetong group.

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