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The Research on Interior Growing Design Based on Family Life Cycle

Author: WangXiaoZuo
Tutor: LiuWenJin
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Art of Design
Keywords: Family life cycle Interior design Growth
CLC: TU241
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Under the present situation that Chinese residential operation cycle is relatively long, the hypothesis that the growth interior design elements was put forward in this project. From the perspective of sustainable development, dynamic thinking was tried to use, main interior design elements were used as research object and family life cycle stages were used as reference path. With the analysis of the main growth characteristics of each family life cycle stage, it is obtained that the development of family life cycle possesses the main interior design elements of the growing demand. With respect to these interior design elements, the growth design principles and countermeasures were put forward, the general interior growth design principles were summarized.In this paper, the changes of family life cycle are closely linked with the growing demands of interior design. By making a survey and combining the obtained data in the aspect of the family life cycle, the family life cycle model of five stages which includes the wedding, bearing, bringing up, the middle age of the children left home and the old stage that can reflect the characteristics of the family home development results that already exist and can reflect the characteristics of the family home development has been established. With the analysis of the model, it is summed up that, the common elements that impact the interior growth design includes space, function, decoration, pipeline structure and the physical environment. With respect to the elements above, the growth design principles and countermeasures were put forward separately. In terms of growth space, it is mainly involved the growing demand in the increase of the function of the bedroom, study or other privacy spaces and the increase of the capacity of the whole interior space, the design principle such as ambiguous orientation, factors associated, change adaptation or standard combination should be obeyed, it is suggested to take the countermeasures such as appropriate proportion of the specific space blank or pre-occupied after the release, the development of a waste of space or special use structure and docking space for more space the size of the adjustment measures the local space. In terms of growth function, it mainly involves the growing demand in the change of chief function, functional furniture and furniture single combined functional, the design principles such as ambiguous orientation, factors associated, change adaptation or standard combination should be obeyed, it is suggested to take the countermeasures such as increasing the proportion of the chief function to change the main function of the space, combining the spare parts, variable structure and standards to adjust and increase the function of furniture. In terms of decoration and fitting, the growth demand mainly exists in the aesthetic and decoration aspects, the design principles such as inheritance, flexibility or metabolism of growth can be taken, it is suggested to use, improve, remove or replace the genetic information of the first design to update the decoration. In terms of pipeline structure, the growth demand exists in the increase of the type, number and interface of pipeline, the design principles such as planned default or metastasis spread can be taken, it is suggested to plan the embedded pipelines or decorate the new exposed pipelines, hidden multiple interfaces or graft the interfaces to other furniture products.In terms of the physical environment, the growth demand exists in the adjustment and improvement in four areas such as thermal environment, light environment, acoustic environment and air quality of the environment, design principles such as basic security, flexible adjustment and low-carbon can be taken, it is suggested to take the measures such as building a good foundation, setting up the structures and facilities that can control the quality of the environment, training the way of life that can maintain and enhance the environment.With the contents above, the main principles that should be followed during the design include:the principle of gene default, the principle of genetic inheritance, the principle of diversity variation, the principle of metabolic regeneration and the principles of guide.

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