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Effect of Recombinant Human Angiopoietin-1on Acute Pancreatitis in Mice

Author: YinLiYang
Tutor: PengYanHui; TuoHongFang
School: Hebei Medical University
Course: Surgery
Keywords: Angiopoietin-1 Acute pancreatitis CRP AMS IL-6 TNF-α
CLC: R657.51
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Objectives: In this study, through intraperitoneal injection of cerulein toinduce acute pancreatitis model, check out the serum amylase, tumor necrosisfactor-α, interleukin-6levels, as well as pancreatitis tissue pathology observedin mice to study the effect of human angiopoietin-1on acute pancreatitis inmice.Methods: Selected54bal/c mice and called for: healthy, male mice thatmust be clean grade and weight between20to25g. The mice derived from theExperimental Animal center of Hebei Medical University. All the mice wererandomly divided into normal control group(group Z, n=18),AP group(groupA, n=18),Ang-1treatment group(group T, n=18). Each group according to9h,18h and24h at different time points was divided into three subgroups. Byintraperitoneal injection of cerulein (50μg/Kg),1time/hour, at intervals of1hour, and a total of7injections, established the mice model of acutepancreatitis. When established the acute pancreatitis model, Ang-1treatmentgroup was intraperitoneal given recombinant human Angiopoient-1(100μg/kg). The frequency and dosage of intraperitoneal injection the saline innormal control group mice were same as the model group. Mice in each group,respectively, after modeling9hours,18hours,24hours were sacrificed inbatches, pancreatic tissue were reserved and given hematoxylin and eosin stain.Observed the pathological change and gave the pathological score by themethod of Schmidt. Detected the serum of CRP, AMS, TNF-α and IL-6changes. The data were analyzed by SPSS13.0.Results:1Observation of the pancreatic tissue:①N ormalcontrol group showed thenormal pancreatic tissue, no hyperemia, edema and effusion; the pancreas ofmodel mice were significantly edema and larger than the normal group’s. The texture of pancreas turned hardens and surround by a little of exudates, nosignificant necrosis, around the pancreas intestinal flatulence, surrounded by asmall amount of ascites; The pancreas of Ang-1treatment group was slightlyedema and the pancreas were smaller than the model group’s, the textureturned hardens, no obvious ascities around the pancreas and intestine.②M orphologic change:The normal group showed that the pancreatic cellsarranged in neat rows, the duct of pancreatic intralobular was natural and thestructure was clear, no inflammatory cells and red cells scattered; The modelgroup showed that the pancreatic acinar cells swelled, the duct of pancreaticlobules disordered, large mount of inflammatory cells infiltration and somered cells scattered; The Ang-1treatment group showed that the acinar cellsslightly swelled, the duct clear and natural. The distance between lobularslightly increased and a small amount of inflammatory cells arounded thecatheter. In the interstitial, a small amount of red cells and inflammatory cellsscattered.③Pancreatic pathological score results: the model group comparedwith the normal control group the degree of injury at9h,18h,24h time pointswere increased and the pancreatic injury aggravated, the difference wassignificant (P <0.05); with the time gone, the degree of injury increased indifferent subgroups, the difference between subgroups was significant (P<0.05); Ang-1treatment group compared with model group, the degree ofinjury at9h,18h,24h time points were lower, the difference was significant (P<0.05).2Serum C-reactive protein results: C-reactive protein levels: the model groupcompared with normal control group, at the9h,18h and24h time pointscorresponding to the subgroup, the serum C-reactive protein was significantlyincreased, the difference was significant (P<0.05); Ang-1treatment groupcompared with model group, at the9h,18h and24hour points correspondingto the subgroup, the serum C-reactive protein was significantly lower, thedifference was significant (P <0.05).3Serum amylase results: The model group compared with normal controlgroup, at the9h,18h and24h time points corresponding to the subgroup, the serum amylase level was significantly increased, the difference was significant(P<0.05); Ang-1treatment group compared with model group, at the9h,18hand24h time points corresponding to the subgroup, the serum amylase levelwas significantly lower, the difference was significant (P <0.05).4Serum interleukin-6results: The model group compared with normal controlgroup, at the9h,18h and24h time points corresponding to the subgroup, theserum interleukin-6level was significantly increased, the difference wassignificant (P<0.05); Ang-1treatment group compared with model group, atthe9h,18h and24h time points corresponding to the subgroup, the seruminterleukin-6level was significantly lower, the difference was significant (P<0.05).5Serum tumor necrosis factor-α results: The model group compared withnormal control group, at the9h,18h and24h time points corresponding to thesubgroup, the serum tumor necrosis factor-α level was significantly increased,the difference was significant (P<0.05); Ang-1treatment group comparedwith model group, at the9h,18h and24h time points corresponding to thesubgroup, the serum tumor necrosis factor-α level was significantly lower,the difference was significant (P <0.05).6Correlation analysis: serum C-reactive protein and pancreatic pathologicalscore correlation coefficient r=0.697, P <0.05; the results show that the serumC-reactive protein and pancreatic tissue damage was positively correlated.Conclusions: In this study, intraperitoneal injection of cerulein inducedacute pancreatitis model of mice, confirmed that the acute pancreatitis couldlead the level of inflammatory cytokines raise and the inflammatory cytokinescould aggravated the injury of pancreas. Recombinant human angiopoient-1could reduce the level of inflammatory cytokines, abatement the edema of thepancreas and its ambient tissues, posses the functions of anti-inflammatory,anti-edema and could treat the acute pancreatitis.

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