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The Clinical Research of HK6Protein and B7-H4Protein in the Diagnosis of Ovarian Carcinoma

Author: GuWenWen
Tutor: DuDanLi
Course: Oncology
Keywords: Ovarian neoplasm HK6protein B7-H4protein diagnose
CLC: R737.31
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Background:Ovarian cancer is a serious threat to women’s health, the malignant tumorin pelvic deep, because ovarian lesions, hard to find and without specific symptoms, inrecent years the disease incidence increased year after year. Find new sensitivity andspecificity strong markers to improve the diagnostic level ovarian cancer is key.Objective: This study is to detect the expressions of HK6and B7-H4protein in tissueand serum of normal ovary, benign ovarian disease and ovarian cancer, and to explorethe diagnosis clinical significance between HK6and B7-H4protein.Methods:1.By immunohistochemical staining48cases of ovarian tissue HK6, B7-H4protein expression levels.2.ELISA to detect the serum levels of HK6, B7-H4protein,combined with clinical data on ovarian cancer HK6, B7-H4protein expression andcorrelation between serum concentrations were analysis.3.To patients with normalovaries and bengin lesions as the control group,28cases of patients with malignantovarian lesions in HK6, B7-H4protein expression results of ROC curve analysis,sensitivity and specificity of serum HK6, B7-H4protein in diagnosing ovarian cancerwere compared.Results:1.HK6protein in patients with normal, benign ovarian cancer patients werenegative expression, in ovarian serous cystadenocaricinoma, mucinouscystadenocaricinoma, endometrioid cystadenocaricinoma, clear cellcystadenocaricinoma were positive. B7-H4cytoplasmic and membranous expressionwas detected in all ovarian serous carcinomas, ovarian endometrioid carcinomas,ovarian clear cell carcinoma and part of normal ovaries, benign cases. There was nosignificant correlation between histological grade and clinical stage of HK6, B7-H4protein expression in ovarian cancer.2.HK6protein and B7-H4protein was present atlow level in all sera but showed an elevated level in serum samples from ovarian cancerpatients when compared with healthy controls or women with benign ovarian diseases, and the differences were statistically significant. The expression of the two proteins in28ovarian carcinomas revealed that there were significant correlation between the twoproteins expression with stage, grade, and lymph node metastasts, and the differenceswere statistically significant, and there was no correlation between the two proteinsexpression with age, ascite cytology and pathology. There were no significantcorrelation between the expression of the two proteins.3.When all cases were comparedagainst all controls, HK6protein and B7-H4protein showed areas under the ROC curveof0.736and0.764respectively, and the two is0.802, sensitivity and specificity wereincreased to75%and95%. While there were no significant correlation between theexpression of the two proteins(r=0.516, P=0.005<0.01)Conclusions:1. HK6, B7-H4protein in ovarian cancer and high expression in bothserum and the degree of protein expression between stage, grade, and lymph nodemetastasts, prognosis of ovarian cancer can be monitored as a good indicator.2. HK6, B7-H4protein in normal, benign disease and ovarian cancer tissue expressionare complementary, their combination can guide the diagnosis of ovarian cancer.3. Serum HK6, B7-H4protein as united detection monitoring index of ovarian cancer.

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