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Color Measurement of the Anterior Teeth of People in Shijiazhuang Discreption and Clinical Study

Author: LiuYaXuan
Tutor: LiYaJuan; MengLingQiang
School: Hebei Medical University
Course: Clinical Stomatology
Keywords: natural tooth shade guide metal ceramic color colorimeter
CLC: R78
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objectives:Study the color distribution space of natural tooth crowns ofpeople in Shijiazhuang by using Olympus colorimetric instrument, to providea reference for clinical colorimetric, and analyse the color differencesamong the natural tooth, the shade tab and metal ceramic restoration.Methods:1materials and test equipment1.1materials: porcelain powder, pure titanium ceramic alloy1.2equipment: dell computer, Crystaleye all dental spectrophotometercolorimetric instrument (push around company, Japan), Vitapan Classicalcolor plate (Vita company, Germany).2The object of studyIn the study of anterior teeth,375patients were selected fromStomatology Hospital oral rehabilitation clinics in Hebei Medical University,any gender, the han nationality, were divided into five groups according toage:2030,40,50,60≥60. The natural teeth which were selectedwere live pith of the tooth without defect, no stains, no stones normal shape,and the color measurement site developed normally, without decay, no softdirt, no bleaching, no cover history, and the surface was clean and the color ofthe teeth is normalIn the study of metal ceramic for anterior teeth,106patients aged from2077,which were51cases of men and55cases of women,were selectedfrom oral hospital rehabilitation clinics in Hebei Medical University. Singlemaxillary incisors were required Pure titan PFM restorations for the patients,and the teeth were discolored, residual root or residual crown.The otherincisors were developed normally,non-special colored. The natural teeth werelive pith of the tooth and the color measurement site were developed normally, without decay, no soft dirt, no bleaching, no cover history, and the surface wasclean.3Determination of colorIn the study of anterior teeth, the patients′teeth which were in the limitfor selected, were cleaned the surface, and removed smoke plaque, tartar, softdirt, and keep natural luster before color measurement. In CIEM76L*a*b*color, a third of the teeth′surface was measured and the same part of the sametooth was repeated measurement three times by colorimeter. And record theL*, a*, b*,and calculated mean value (Mean±SD).At the same time, it needto record the patient’s age, sex, tooth,national and the area of living, andrecord the best shade and the color piece for each tooth by the Olympuscolorimetric.In the study of metal ceramic for anterior teeth, in front of the abutmentteeth ready,it need by the same doctor from9:30am to4:30pm under thesunshine condition. The color was selected in the reference of adjacent teethor contralateral teeth with the same visual colorimetric (VITA shade),and thecolor piece. Then, the model after tooth preparation and the color label weresend to dental laboratory technician for metal ceramics under the color thatwas the visual colorimetric the same as the computer colorimetric. InCIE1976L*a*b*color, a third of the teeth′or the metal ceramic surface or themetal ceramic was measured and the same part of the same tooth or the metalceramic was repeated measurement three times by colorimeter. And record theL*, a*, b*,and calculated mean value (Mean±SD). At the same time, the ratewhich was the same between the visual colorimetric and the computercolorimetric, was recorded.4Satistical analysisUsing SPSS13.0statistical analysis software, we take the value of forstatistical analysis. If the datas were normality distribution and variance, wetake the value of for statistical analysis with the use of single factor analysisand SNK; If data was not normal distribution or not variance qi, we take thevalue of for statistical analysis with the application of Wilcoxon. The inspection standards is that alpha equals0.05.Results:1Statistical analysis showed that the color distribution space ofShijiazhuang tooth crowns was wide. The value of L*was69.71±-3.92;The value of b*was:2.84±-1.45.The value of b*was:19.51±-3.79. In thelimits of95%confidence, the value of L*varied from54.35to79.53, thevalue of a*varied from-1.21to1.21, the value of b*: varied from10.73to30.39.The color difference between the upper and lower limits of95%confidence was33.18CIE△E units.2The vuales of different teeth were different. In the middle incisor teethof the male,the value of L*was70.30±3.30; The value of a*was1.90±1.22;the value of b*was19.37±3.29; In the lateral incisor of themale,the value of L*was68.76±3.51; the value of a*was1.82±1.16; thevalue of b*was18.53±3.34;In the canine of the male, the value of L*was65.63±3.41; the value of a*was4.56±1.20; the value of b*was22.88±3.22. In the middle incisor teeth of the female, the value of L*was72.44±3.06; the value of a*was1.66±0.97; the value of b*was17.60±3.22;In the lateral incisor of the male, the value of L*was71.76±2.83;the value ofa*was1.69±0.97; the value of b*was17.79±3.17;In the canine of thefemale, the value of L*was67.91±2.94;the value of a*was was3.55±1.14;the value of b*was21.53±2.82; The L*value of the male anterior teeth waslower than the female, the a*and b*value was higer. Among upper anteriorteeth, the L*value of the canine was lowest, middle incisor was highest.Thedifferent among upper anterior teeth,beside the vuales of a*and b*in theincisor,the color vaule of upper anterior teeth were different (P <0.05).3L*value decreased with older ages. A*and B increased with olderages.In the middle incisor teeth of the male, from20to29-year-old, thevalue of L*was73.21±1.92;the value of a*was0.81±0.74;the value of b*was16.68±2.71;From30to39-year-old:the value of L*was70.07±2.87;the value of a*was1.70±0.77;the value of b*was18.17±3.31;From40to49-year-old, the value of L*was69.11±3.37;the value of a*was1.92±1.19;the value of b*was18.65±3.34;From50to59-year-old, the value of L*was70.10±2.21;the value of a*was2.25±0.63;the value of b*was21.53±3.51;From60years to more than60years, the value of L*was67.35±3.14;thevalue of a*was3.50±1.00;the value of b*was23.86±2.50。In the lateralincisor of the male, from20to29-year-old,the value of L*was70.32±2.61;the value of a*was1.50±1.06;the value of b*was17.82±3.36;From30to39-year-old,the value of L*was69.07±3.53;the value of a*was2.05±1.09;the value of b*was18.21±2.47;From40to49-year-old,,the valueof L*was68.27±4.06;the value of a*was2.08±1.36;the value of b*was18.23±2.86;From50to59-year-old, the value of L*was68.02±2.75;thevalue of a*was1.77±0.77;the value of b*was19.79±4.46;From60years tomore than60years, the value of L*was64.99±2.51;the value of a*was2.13±1.45;the value of b*was20.69±2.87。In the canine of the male,From20to29-year-old, the value of L*was66.58±2.99;the value of a*was4.17±0.94;the value of b*was23.02±2.86;From30to39-year-old, the valueof L*was66.47±3.27;the value of a*was4.83±1.32;the value of b*was21.17±2.64;From40to49-year-old, the value of L*was65.50±3.62;thevalue of a*was5.04±1.12;the value of b*was22.33±3.38;From50to59-year-old, the value of L*was64.92±2.87;the value of a*was4.57±1.21;the value of b*was23.89±3.44;From60years to more than60years, thevalue of L*was63.43±2.76;the value of a*was4.18±1.09;the value of b*was25.32±2.77。In the middle incisor teeth of the female, From20to29-year-old, the value of L*was73.31±1.99;the value of a*was0.94±0.74;the value of b*was15.63±2.76;From30to39-year-old,the value of L*was75.16±2.64;the value of a*was1.16±0.70;the value of b*was15.70±1.77;From40to49-year-old,the value of L*was72.04±3.04;the value of a*was2.04±0.66;the value of b*was18.46±2.07;50-59-year-old,the value of L*was70.62±1.74;the value of a*was2.33±0.57;the value of b*was19.89±2.02;From60years to more than60years, the value of L*was68.63±1.89;the value of a*was2.81±0.65;the value of b*was21.62±3.25。In the lateral incisor of the male, From20to29-year-old, the value of L*was 72.63±2.33;the value of a*was1.39±1.03;the value of b*was17.92±3.53;From30to39-year-old,the value of L*was72.70±2.74;the value of a*was1.52±0.84;the value of b*was17.29±2.51;From40to49-year-old,the valueof L*was71.69±2.49;the value of a*was1.69±0.83;the value of b*was17.29±3.19;From50to59-year-old,the value of L*was70.12±2.08;the valueof a*was2.23±0.68;the value of b*was18.76±2.88;From60years to morethan60years, the value of L*was68.56±2.95;the value of a*was2.47±1.14;the value of b*was18.52±3.31。In the canine of the female, From20to29-year-old,the value of L*was68.59±2.62;the value of a*was3.30±0.99;the value of b*was20.84±2.94;From30to39-year-old,the valueof L*was68.60±2.74;the value of a*was3.90±1.14;the value of b*was21.23±2.32;From40to49-year-old,the value of L*was68.56±3.10;the valueof a*was3.81±1.31; the value of b*was21.20±2.98; From50to59-year-old,the value of L*was65.63±2.69;the value of a*was3.34±1.03;the value of b*was22.72±2.69;From60years to more than60years, thevalue of L*was66.12±2.10;the value of a*was3.20±1.11;the value of b*was23.07±2.46。4. Under the use of VITAPAN, From20to29-year-old, the rates ofA1, A2were25.89%, A3:17.17%,22.89%, A3.5:9.54%, A4, B1:2.45%,B2:1.36%,2.45%, B3:2.72%, B4:5.99%, C1:5.72%, C3:0.27%, C4:0.82%,D2:1.36%, D3:1.36%. From30to39-year-old, the rates of A1, A2were9.54%, A3:19.85%,17.56%, A4, B1:2.67%, B2:1.91%,4.2%, B3:1.91%,B4:1.91%, C1:7.63%, C3:1.91%, C4:4.2%, D2:2.29%, D3:13.36%. From40to49-year-old, A1, A2:15.77%, A3:10.79%,10.37%, A3.5:10.79%, A4,B1:2.49%, B2:2.07%,5.39%, B3:0.83%, B4:3.73%, C1:6.64%, C3:4.15%,C4:7.88%, D2:5.81%, D3:13.28%. From50to59-year-old, A1, A2:26.54%,A3:10.49%,4.94%, A3.5:10.49%, A4:5.56%, B1:1.86%, B3:6.17%,B4:10.49%, C1:6.79%, C3:3.09%, C4:1.85%, D2:1.85%, D3:8.02%,D4:1.23%. From60years to more than60years, the rates of A1, A2were12.95%, A3:10.07%,7.19%, A3.5:19.42%, A4:6.47%, B2:0.72%, B3:5.04%,B4:15.83%, C1, C2:0.72%,2.16%15.83%, C3:1.44%, C4:2.16%, D2:6.47%, D3:6.47%, D4:2.88%.5IN the Olympus colorimetric instrument system, The optimal colorboard:4different ages From20to29-year-old the rates of VINTAGE HaloNcc was46.09%.From30to39-year-old the rates of VINTAGE Halo Ncc was39.69%; From40to49-year-old the rates of VINTAGE Halo Ncc was33.2%;From50to59years old the rates of VINTAGE Halo Ncc was33.1%; From60years to more than60years the rates of VINTAGE Halo Ncc was33.09%.6The result which was the same between the visual colorimetric and thecomputer colorimetric, was54cases, accounted for50.09%of the totalnumber of samples, including14cases of A1,17cases of A2color,6cases ofA3,6cases of A3.5of color,6cases of color B1,5cases of B4.7Between the natural teeth and the selected shade, besides the sample ofA3, the colors between the natural teeth and the shade that can’t be thoughtwere different on the lightness, hue and chroma. Besides the sample of A3.5and B1, all other colors between the natural teeth and the shade were differentin brightness. Besides the sample of A2, A3.5, B4, all other colors between thenatural teeth and the shade were different in hue. Besides the sample of B4,the colors between the natural teeth and the shade that can’t be thought weredifferent in chroma.Between metal ceramic restorations and the selected shade tabs, thereare more differences in color. In addition to the sample of A1, all other colorsbetween metal ceramic restorations and the selected shade tabs weredifferences in brightness. In addition to the sample of A3, all other colorsbetween metal ceramic restorations and the selected shade tabs weredifferences in hue. All the colors between between metal ceramic restorationsand the selected shade tabs were differences in chroma.Between the natural tooth and metal ceramic restorations, besides thesample of A1, all other colors between the natural teeth and metal ceramicrestorations were differences in brightness.Besides the sample of A1, A3, B4,all other colors between the natural teeth and metal ceramic restorations weredifferences in hue. All the colors between between metal ceramic restorations and the natural tooth were differences in chroma.Under the use of VITAPAN,the△E value between54natural teethand the selected shade tabs was1.892.85, the△E value between metalceramic restorations and the selected shade tabs was2.732.73, and the△Evalue between54natural tooth and metal ceramic restorations was2.524.11.Conclusion:1The color distribution space of Shijiazhuang tooth crowns is wide.There is certain relation with sex﹑age and toothin the anterior tooth color.Natural tooth color degree distributes widely.In the limits of95%confidence,the value of L*varied from54.35to79.53,the value of a*varied from-1.21to1.21, the value of b*: varied from10.73to30.39.2IN the Olympus colorimetric instrument system, the rates of VINTAGEHalo Ncc shade were higher than other four shades, but it is not suitable forChinese nature teeth.3Under the use of VITAPAN, the rates of A1, A2were higher from20to29-year-old, the rates of A3was higher from30to39-year-old, the rates ofA3, A3.5were higher from40to49-year-old, the rates of A2, A3.5werehigher from50to59-year-old,60years and more than60years, the rates ofA3, A3.5were higher by60years and more than60years.4There are differences in color among natural tooth,the selected shadetabs and the metal ceramic restorations.

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