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Study of Color Calibration of Teeth Photograph by Color Calibration Software "Color-pilot"

Author: HeZhuan
Tutor: JiaJun
School: Fourth Military Medical University
Course: Stomatology
Keywords: Color Vita3D Master shade guide Color calibration Color-pilot colorcalibration software CIE L~*a~*b~*color space
CLC: R783
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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With the widely used of esthetic restorations in prosthodontics, color matching, as apart of the treatment process, plays an important role. The most common color matchingmethods include: Visual color matching, colorimeter, spectrophotometer and digitalphotography. Especially the digital photography, is thought to be a better color matchingmethod in restorative dentistry, because of its objective results, consistent, comprehensiveoral information and it can be easily operated. But color difference is more likely to appeardue to the complex environment during the process. So a certain color calibrate methodshould be taken after in order to eliminate or reduce the color difference.At present, a lot of methods can be found to calibrate the color difference in digitalphotography: calibration based on mapping, calibration based on spectral reflectance ratio,calibration based on the analysis of the image color, calibration based on thereconstruction of structure light after scanning the geometry characteristics surface,calibration based on the von-Kries color adaptive partition. Therefore, to select a simple and effective color calibrate method then apply it to the digital photography, will becomethe key subject of the study.Color-pilot color calibration software, can effectively reduce the color difference.Therefore, the study taken Vita3D Master shade tabs as specimens, establish a colorlibrary of the specimens using the color-pilot color calibration software, which is also thetool to calibrate the color difference of photography taken in clinic environment. And atthe same time, other color matching methods are selected as comparisons colorimeter,spectrophotometer, digital photography taken under a D55light. The study aimed toevaluate the color difference reduction after calibrated by color-pilot color calibrationsoftware, find a theoretical support for the clinic.The study includes five parts:Part one: Set Vita3D Master Shade tabs as specimens, take photos of the specimenswith camera in the clinical environment, then calibrate the photos using software by themethods white balance, black balance, gray balance or calibrate using the closer color. Atlast, chose the best calibrate method as the research’s final method.Part two: Set Vita3D Master Shade tabs as specimens, take photos of the specimenswith the same camera in the photography box, and establish a color library using thecolor-pilot color calibration software, at last compare the color distribution between theshade tabs and natural teeth, find out their color coverage in common.Part three: Set Vita3D Master shade tabs as specimens, take photos of thespecimens in clinic environment, calibrate the photos using color-pilot color calibrationsoftware with the function of custom colors (custom colors are from the color libraryestablished in part one of the study), measure L~*a~*b~*value of the3groups of thedigital photos(in the photography box, in the clinic environment, after calibration)usinganother software-Photoshop CS3, analyze the data of the3groups and discuss the effect ofcalibration.Part four: Set Vita3D Master shade tabs as specimens, use colorimeter,spectrophotometer, digital photography taken under a D55light as comparisons. MeasureL~*a~*b~*value and analyze the data of all the groups, then discuss the color matching effect of the method mentioned in part three of the study.Part five:20natural left maxillary central incisors were included in this study, theirphotos were taken in the clinical environment and calibrated by using the color calibrationsoftware color-pilot. After being measured, L~*a~*b~*values of the photos werecompared with the results read by the spectrophotometer when measuring the same tooth.Results and conclusions:1.The final calibrate method we used come to the closer color, because of its besteffect in calibrating the colors of teeth digital photos. It is found that digital camera has ahigh precision when taking photos in the photography box: standard white color tab-ΔEvalue equals to0, standard black color tab-ΔE value equals to1.944which is less than2.2.The color distribution of Vita3D Master Shade tabs is almost the same as naturalteeth, covering the color range of natural teeth, and a color library of shade tabs isestablished using the color calibration software color-pilot, which will make function inthe further study.3. Clinic environment have great influence on digital photos, after calibrate using thecolor-pilot color calibration software, it shows good result: L*value has the mostsignificant change (in clinic environment80.11~59.67, after calibration56.89~26.11),which is closer to the group in the photography (52.89~29.11);a*value still havedifference; b~*value does not change significantly in the3groups. In addition, the positionin the CIE L~*a~*b~*color space is closer compared to before. When analyses ΔE value ofthe3groups of digital photos(in photography box, in clinical environment, aftercalibration), it had minimum ΔE value with the digital photos taken in the photographybox and after calibration. But theΔE value still greater than2.4. All kinds of color matching methods make different results: spectrophotometer,photos taking in the photography box and after calibration, have the closer result, whichare more effective color matching method.5. The clinical experiment, found the oral photograph could be easily affected by theclinical environment and produced color differences, after calibration by using the colorcalibration software color-pilot, the color difference could be reduced to a certain degree, which would provide a theoretical basis to the clinical esthetic restorative work.After calibration the photos by using the color calibration software color-pilot, thedifference in L*values decreased(the L~*values measured after calibration were closerto the L~*values read by the spectrophotometer), although they still had difference, anda~*,b~*values had no change. When calculated ΔE values of the three groups, it wasfound that the ΔE values between the group of photos after calibrate and thespectrophotometer was the smallest.

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