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The Experiment and Clinical Study on the Therapeutic Potential of Pharmaceutics Containing Manyleaf Paris Rhizome and Hyaluronic Acid on Inflammatory Vulgaris Acnes

Author: XuLiangHeng
Tutor: HeLi
Course: Dermatology and Venereology
Keywords: Manyleaf paris rhizome Hyaluronan Acne vulgaris Mice model anti-bacteria clinical observation
CLC: R758.733
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective:To explore the therapeutic potential of pharmaceutics containing manyleaf paris rhizome and hyaluronic acid on for inflammatory acne vulgaris.Methods:1. The establishment of an inflammatory acne model:Take three ICR mice and inject20μl of PBS into their left ears,20μl of P. acnes (ATCC6919)(1×107CFU per20μl in PBS) into the right ears. Kill the mice24hours after the injection, extract the ear tissues, and then examine the following measurements:the degree of ear swollenness, HE staining, immunohistochemical CD11b staining, level of cell inflammation by transmission electron microscopy, and the number of CFUs of P.acnes cultivated72hours after homogenate dilution and anaerobe.2. Compare antimicrobial effects:Take48ICR mice and inject20ulof P.acnes (1×107CFU/20μl) into each ear in order to establish an inflammatory acne model. Divide these mice into A, B, C and D four groups, with each group of12. After the injection, apply the following each of the three kinds of mixtures upon its corresponding group:A.vehicle+hyaluronic acid (HA), B. vehicle+HA+Clindamycinum, C.vehicle+HA+0.25%manyleaf paris rhizome. The mixtures are to be applied twice a day,20ul each time. Group D is left untreated. At the1st day,7th, and21st, measure the ear thickness and execute three mice from every group. Take the right ear tissues to homogenize, culture and then count CFUs of P.acnes. The left ears to be placed in10%neutral buffered formalin, then compare the tissues by HE staining, TUNEL staining.3. Clinical observation:To evaluate the clinical efficiency and safety of skin care products containing extracts of manyleaf paris rhizom and purslane comparison with the skin care products containing papaya protease activity capsule, vitamin B3, purslane extract, and salicylic acid derivatives in the treatment of vulgaris acne.Results:1. Inflammatory acne model:Significant ears’ swelling was observed in P.acnes-injected ears. In contrast, no swelling was observed in the PBS-injected ear. Histological observation revealed that injection with P. acnes induced a considerable increase in the number of infiltrated inflammatory cells. The infiltration of CD11b+macrophages was observed at the area where P.acnes was applied, whereas no CD1lb+macrophages was observed in PBS-injected controls. The PBS injected ears did not observe inflammatory cell. P.acnes injected ear could observe a lot of inflammatory cells.2.Animal experiments on anti-bacteria effects:Although the ear thickness of using manyleaf paris rhizome healing and that of Clindamycinum (P>0.05) are almost equivalent, and on the7st,14th, and the21st, CFUs of P.acnes are significantly less than the control groups (P≤0.05, there is no accounting significance between the two groups. At the same testing days, no significant difference was observed in HE staining among the groups. On the21st, TUNEL staining is negative in each group.3. Clinical observation:Skin care products containing extracts of manyleaf paris rhizom and purslane are equally effective with the skin care products containing Papaya protease activity capsule, vitamin B3, purslane extract, and salicylic acid derivatives in the treatment of acne vulgaris acne (P≥0.05)Conclusions:1. Intradermal P. acnes injection(1×107CFU/20ul) upon ICR mice ears able to build a P.acnes animal model.2. Exterior application of pharmaceutics containing manyleaf paris rhizome and hyaluronic acid have an anti-bacteria effect to P.acnes mice model, the effectiveness of which is equivalent to Clindamycinum.3. Skin care products containing extracts of manyleaf paris rhizom and purslane are effective in the treatment of acne vulgaris.

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