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The National Consciousness of the Literary Spears Points

Author: LiaoWenXing
Tutor: SunZhongTian
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: Keyi Li Novel Writing National Consciousness Native Literature
CLC: I207.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Keyi Li is an important writer in the modern literature history of our country whowas born in the False Manchurian State. He opposed to Japanese dominance and theenslavement education since he was a child. He was dismissed because of refusing touse Japanese in class. Later he joined the Communist Party, and then he started todestroy the enemy’s government in Shenyang and other areas. Keyi Li subjected tounfair treatment repeatedly after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, theseunfortunate life experience made his life more plentiful, twists and turns. Hissuffering experience is reflected either explicitly or implicitly in his novels, inparticular reflected in his early novels and short stories. We can experience Keyi Li’stacit concerns for the future of our nation from his works which contains denunciationfor the puppet government, the sympathy for the suffering of the people in theJapanese-occupied areas, the criticism for decadent life of young intellectuals.KeyiLi’s works are rich and diverse. He described the decaying social environment ofthat time at full steam in his novel. This paper tries to make an overall and detailedanalysis for Keyi Li ’s novel in order to reflecting the unique charm of Keyi Li ’snovel, his literary feelings and his noble personality face.This thesis is divided into four chapters. Its overall classified way is in accordancewith the order of the writing time of Keyi Li’s works. It uncovers the nationalconsciousness of Keyi Li’s works in chronological order. The first chapter takeKeyiLi’s short stories creation for example. Keyi Li’s creation of short stories mainlybelong to the theme of “Native Literature” advocated on the Northeast LiteraryCircles. The author pursued the update of art continually.The short stories had bothdisclosure of the Northeast reality based on realism and thinking about abstractpropositions which has modernism significance, such as “dead”.The second chapterdiscusses Keyi Li’s two novels in urban literature horizon——《Shells》、《Veil》.Hisfocus was on criticizing and dissecting young men and women who was in theJapanese-occupied areas. They utilized evolutionary ideas of “May FourthMovement” on the surface to decorate their dreams, with the May Forth Movementcoming to an end. However, they had a decadent lifestyle. Hence, these two novelsreflected author’s uneasy about the loss of social moral bottom line, and evenembodied the author’s wishes to reshape the national character. The third chapterexpounds the novel《Net, Ground and Fish》which once had been subject to criticism written by Keyi Li. This novel was regarded as “erotica” at that time. While, Itrevealed auctorial superior consciousness and unique understanding for“Land-Innovating Movement” implicitly. Besides, it showed farmers’ complexmentality in the national tide. The fourth chapter relates Keyi Li “the swan song oflife”——《the Echo of the History》. In this novel, the author is committed to portraythe changes in this piece of black land of Northeast during Tsarist Russia colonialaggression. This novel contains a deep national consciousness, showing stoutheartednational character of Chinese “Lao Bo Dai” which is indomitable mental supportpoints of Chinese nation.Keyi Li kept writing till he died. He regarded literature as a “javelin” which pointto the future of the nation under alien invasion and historical tide consistently. It canbe seen from Keyi Li’s novel that the author is exquisite to express his feelings anddedicate himself to writing, and that is the best spiritual wealth which the author leftto future generations. We can also perceive auctorial clinging feelings for literature.therefore, we can find a place for our life from his works.

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