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Lost and save on the turn of the century city life in the novel writing

Author: ZhengDianLi
Tutor: JiGuiQi; FangFuXian
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: novel lost save
CLC: I207.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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At the turn of the century in China,along with the market economy instead of plannedeconomy,chinese society has been transferring a modern society from traditionalcommunity.Market-driven nature,not coupled with sound legal system and relevant modernethical standards,make the outstanding factors in the traditional culture to be discarded.Thedregs of the old feudal ideas take the opportunity to float.China does not really absorbingwestern culture tranditions,some of the dregs of western culture stream into China.Hedonismand money worship lead to exhaustion of tranditional value order.Nihilism has beenprevailing.The drawback of modernity has caused the repression of the people. People lost inthe materialization of the world,lost people search for the spirit of rescue.This paper explorehuman lose and rescue by some novels about city life at the turn of the century.The paper is devided into three parts.The first part explore the lost by city human lifecondition.The wave of consumerism promote human desire of pursuit of money.Secularismand hedonism has become an important part of popular culuture.Zhang Xin,Zhu Wenying,ZhuWen, the figures of their novels chase fame and fortune to the spirit of restless anxiety. Therelationship between people has greatly changed, the traditional community of ethical andmoral standards have been gradually losing and the contract of the modern humanrelationships have not been established. Materialism expansion plays an important standard tomeasure human value to a certain extent. The protagonists of novels of Wei Hui, Mian Mian,Murong Xuecun has original life without the ecology to show part of the decadent lifestyle ofurban people.They against the traditional community to constrain their physical and mentalindulgence, but only deconstruction does not construct, toward the negative nihilism. Rapidurban expansion break natural ecology and human ecology of the original city, give people amore comfortable material life at the same time lead to the loss of human spiritual home. Thesecond part explore the cause of the city people lost. Secularization is the inevitable result ofthe modernization process, the legal system should be carried out at the same time but not atthe same time.Ideological liberation movement of the 1980s did not completely succeed bythe impact of the 1990s wave of consumerism.Social transformation made the decline of thetraditional Community, people in the past to settle down value system has broken, materialdesire become the value of life and the meaning, but the substance itself can not assumewhere people settle down, resulting in the value of life crisis. Instrumental rationality andbureaucracy give the people physical and mental deep repressed. The third part is to find thespiritual home .The novel characters of Wang Shuo, Chi Li escape the lofty, find the value and significance of life itself. Nike, Hong and Asan lost in the decadent life.They try to get rid ofthe plight of the spirit through alcohol, sex even narcotic drugs,but they can not face the senseof the emptiness of life. Wang Anyi and Tie Ning, Chi Zijian, Bi Shumin, Fang Fang, AnniBaobei, the figures of their novels lost in the city, complete self-redemption by employing thepower of humanity, upgrade the good and the beautiful realm. The figures of novels of ZhangWei is trying to hide in the countryside to the dream of rural life to the spirit of rescue.At the turn of the century, the traditional community has been gradually fading, modernsocial values have not been established, part of the dregs of the traditional cultureresurged,and modernization bring material abundance and a huge amount of wealth whilewell-organized social structuresmaterialism、instrumental rationality and bureaucracy gaverise to grave repression, resulting in human mental anxiety and uneasiness. The novel throughthe characters to a reflection of the modern city people facing the pain of the soul and humanare banished , to explore how the quality factor of the traditional ethics get into modernculture, as well as the human quest for the soul to difficult save.

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