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Physical powers - studies on Taples's works

Author: YuanShuai
Tutor: LiuYaPing
School: Shanghai Normal University
Course: Fine Arts
Keywords: Tapies Shape Diversity symbolization and abstraction Conception non-stereotyped paintings
CLC: J205
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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In1989,The Art Museum of China held an exhibition of Tapies’artwork, it became an air of green in Chinese art and brought Chineseart new inspiration and creativity. Since20years ago, Chinesecontemporary art has improved by leaps and bounds. There isever-changing pleasure and traditional retro heritage. In this pluralisticsociety,the artist who integrate Chinese with Western arts and ideas isstill an indispensable figure in research of contemporary art. There are alot of research literatures about Tapies. In the history of world’s artdevelopment, Tapies is a representative of non-stereotyped paintings.He is a skillful material painting user, an explorer who integrates Chinesewith Western arts. He is also a thinker in art, religion, philosophy, humanspirit and the universe field. He has made a great contribution toresearch and innovation of art. He first caught my attention few yearsago when I saw Tapies’ profile in a magazine. he won the supremeprize-the Golden Lion Award in45th Venice Biennale festival as therepresentative of Spanish art in June1993. According to my cognitivelevel at that time, I just think the work expresses helplessness of art, afterseeing more of his works,I gradually recognize I have been deeplyattracted by his artwork.Initially I was not impressed by neither materialnor ideology of his work, just by the most basic elements ofpainting-shape. I think shape art is the important thing in art research.Material and ideology should be minor. There is nothing without shape.Therefore this article will do further research on the representation ofshape in Tapies’ work. Shape gives artwork power. This is my view afterseeing Tapies’ work. This power is not only the feeling of heart and soul,but also the cognition of idea. When a piece is placed in front of theviewer, there is a communication between the viewer and the workwhich shocks the viewer’s mind. This is the exact value of art existence. This shock can be called “the power”. The shape of the work which canarouse people’s feeling must have its trait. Trait is a highlight. it’s the signof maturity, the weight of being accepted by the world. Tapies’ workpasses his personal conception of art by shape representation. Diversity,symbolization and abstraction are all the representation of shapepower in Tapies’ work. There are also a lot of secondary factors inTapies’ work to shape, like materials, colors, space. They are all theindispensable factors in Tapies’ work. Among these relationships ofthem, the representation of shape shocks the soul.this is the exactpower of shape.

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