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The Unique Charm of Chinese Flower-and-bird Painting in the "Four Gentlemen" Pen and Ink

Author: GuoLiJuan
Tutor: GaoHuiMin
School: Harbin Normal University
Course: Fine Arts
Keywords: traditional Four gentlemen Pen and ink
CLC: J212
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Since the1980s, the Chinese traditional painting is repeatedly hit,"pen and inkform of Chinese painting will hinder the development of modern art" calls for more andmore high, many people believe that traditional Chinese painting should be another"new" and create a has the form of modern western art ideas, make Chinese painting tothe world the art of the carrier. This fully demonstrated contemporary Chinese popularneglect of traditional Chinese painting program,"why" pen and ink has beenoverlooked.Is a with deep cultural accumulation of Chinese traditional culture and estheticsthought of treasure, which contains profound philosophical is incomparable in westernculture, traditional Chinese painting of the pen and ink spirit is the most splendidtraditional culture treasure, it not only has strong national character, also has themodernity. Due to the protean art ideological trend of contemporary art, reflects themodern idea of the new art trend is will revolt traditional step by step, we do notadvocate constant social law of development, but the premise of change, first of allshould be based on traditional foundation, on the premise of inheritance.Imprison theory in the "ink" one-sided guidance, the creation of the contemporaryChinese painting tend to follow a few no rules apply type drawing, the chance of thegame as a new programming language, contrary to the traditional pen and ink interest,intention and aesthetic, these incentives in freehand brushwork flower-and-birdpaintings in China, severely weakened its unique aesthetic personality and culturalquality, as a representative of the Chinese painting freehand brushwork flowers andbirds painting of the "four gentlemen" pen and ink, the ink is the ancestor of beparticular about the traditional inheritance and comb, pay attention to the subtle blendsis ink, the ink pen ink freehand brushwork spirit, analyze the ink freehand brushworkflowers and birds painting language, first of all, from the "four gentlemen" pen and inklanguage this range. It by its unique and symbolic, embodies the Chinese unique way ofthinking, namely "nature and humanity","I".This paper analyze the Chinese traditional freehand brushwork in traditionalChinese flower-and-bird paintings "four gentlemen" pen and ink language of this range, aims to summarize four gentleman’s ink in the development of freehand brushworkflower-and-bird paintings unique charm, in the history of the "four gentlemen" inkrheology, traditional inheritance and its influence to the modern freehand brushworkflower-and-bird paintings draw inferences, put forward the "four gentlemen" inheritedthe traditional pen and ink pen and ink is also the most fundamental basis for thedevelopment of the modern pen and ink freehand brushwork flowers and birds painting.And through the experiment and a large number of painters through the ages a largenumber of ink chrysanthemum patterns of training, constantly summarize andinheritance, make people understand and recognize the ink law of Chinese painting. Andmining, and combing the traditional Chinese freehand brushwork flower-and-birdpaintings pen and ink language, through this article reveal "four gentlemen" onethousand years of accumulation of ink charm and its irreplaceable position in Chinesemodern and contemporary brushwork flower-and-bird paintings.

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