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Zhuangzi "without me" Thought and Huai Su Cursive Script

Author: LiLiang
Tutor: YangJiPing
School: Shanxi Normal University
Course: Fine Arts
Keywords: Zhuang zi ecstasy Huai Su’s cursive script Dedicated Huai Su The spirit of innovation
CLC: J292.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Is important stages in the development of Chinese calligraphyTang dynasty is, The political, economic, religious, culturalenvironment of unprecedented prosperity lay a good foundation forthe development of calligraphy and creative space. Style in theTang dynasty, various get unprecedented development, emerged agroup of outstanding calligrapher, they not only on the individualcalligraphy attainments had the very big breakthrough, but also lefta valuable learning enters the academic template for futuregenerations. In this a group of outstanding calligrapher, Huai Su asin cursive attainments, was one of the great breakthrough of hisposition is indisputable. His cursive biggest characteristic, is in thecorrect understanding and grasp, on the basis of traditionalcalligraphy spirit, combined with own tutelage, especially under theinfluence of religious culture, in this foundation to go up and expandthe calligraphy art language, strengthen the contrast all kinds offactors, and applied it in the proper relationship betweenprocessing mechanism, to form the book conveys the strong style,improve the visual effect of the works and aesthetic. Huai sucalligraphy hot still linger, it serves to show the charm ofcalligraphy. Investigate its reason, in addition to the Huai Su cursive script in the strong visual impact, main is hidden in the bookthe traditional cultural connotation behind the style, the religiousbelief.With textual research, analysis and other methods, this paperhas carried on the omni-directional to Huai Su, systematic andin-depth research, as much as possible through the analysis ofZhuang zi and his philosophy, Zhuang zi’s "forgetting oneself" andits influence, and the reasons for the formation of Huai Su cursivescript and aesthetic thought,"forgetting" and the cursive script andother issues, to explore the art of Huai su cursive stylecharacteristic, the full text is divided into four parts:The first part, on Zhuang zi and his philosophy. Systems analysisof Zhuang zi’s philosophy of life, representative works, historicalbackground, ideology and its relationship with calligraphy futuregenerations. Zhuang zi, as one of the Taoist figures, his position isirreplaceable. In his masterpiece "Zhuang zi", he expounded hisabout nature, society, culture, communication and a series ofissues. Zhuang zi not only in the field of philosophical studiesprovide valuable reference material for later generations, but alsoinfluenced the later generations of students will exploreunceasingly.The second part, Huai Su and cursive script. All aspects of huaisu’s life, intelligence, personality, accomplishment and so on,explain the Huai Su’s life, and the individual book wind the cause offormation. Is discussed below.The third part, mainly tells the story of Zhuangzi "forgettingoneself" embodied in the Huai Su’s cursive script. This part through four aspects to illustrate Huai Su make achievement in the artisticcreation.1. the Huai Su works capitalise on post in"forgettingoneself" the embodiment of the;2. Huai Su influent to the state ofmadness "forgetting";3. of Zhuang zi’s philosophy Huai Su’s cursivescript;4. Influence of Huai Su. Through these four aspects, thispaper proves that Huai Su cursive style is influenced by Zhuang zi"selflessness" thought, also with their own efforts, accomplishmentand innovation consciousness. He finally made himself, but alsobenefit the art development times.The fourth part, the enlightenment of calligraphy creation.Specific analysis of the calligraphy creation on the creation of thestate of the request and claim to the creator’s personal cultivation,further illustrate both in calligraphy creation is be short of onecannot. Only these two basic literacy at the same time, in thecreation process to form his unique artistic style.Finally, we study the calligraphy, not only to follow the wine, andwant to learn the ancient formation on the basis of their unique style,innovative. The true meaning of calligraphy has yet to be wecontinue to explore and study.

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