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Marx’s Demand Theory and Its Realistic Significance

Author: QiuChiHong
Tutor: SongWenXin
School: Jilin Provincial Party School
Course: The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords: human demand logic starting point motivation labor production relationship
CLC: B038
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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With the deepening of the research on human problem theory and thegenerality and the universality demand concept, demand has become thelogic and the historical starting point and was considered as a philosophiccategory. Marx introduced the social practice into the field of humandemand, and based on the realistic people and the historical development,revealed the demand’s development was along with the social, historical,practical development. Any kind of life, its activity premise is itself andoutside material exchange, through this exchanging process, to meet thedemands of their own life activities, lacking the exchange process, lifewould never survive. We take human as a social、 dynamic whole system, orspecies-being, from the system occurring of human demand, we studyhuman demand problem, and observe the development process of humandemand.Based on many years of social practice and theoretical exploration,Marx and Engels study from the theory premise of "demand", establishedthe scope of production relations and the historical materialism system, atlast realized the revolutionary transformation of historical view. Demandcategory is the basic category with universal meaning in the materialistconception of history. Demand is the starting point and the destination oflabor, is the fundamental driving force of the labor. Demand is the logicstarting point of human existence prior to the labor. Only starting from thedemand, we can explain the real reason on human understand and transformthe world and some practice activities, value the result of practice activitiesof human, and describe、 evaluate history materialistically and dynamically.The article is divided into three parts to discuss the issue of demand.Part I: Combing the formation and establishment process of the Marx’sdemand theory systematically. By Marx’s classical works for clues,summarizes demand theory’s propose, expand, further development andperfect process of the theory of demand.Part II: Discusses the concept of demand briefly, analyses the deepmeanings of demand. Based on the practice of human society, the level ofdemand has been divided, analyzed the internal relationship between thelevels of demand. Reveal the role of the demand category in promoting social development and human development process.Part III: To clarify the theoretical value of the Marx’s demand theoryand its practical significance. It sets out the motivating function of demandwhich driven the social development, takes Marx’s demand theory as theguide, grasp the demand s of all classes, and handle the conflict of interestbetween the people, man and society properly.

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