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How the Knowledge May be?

Author: LiangXiaoHui
Tutor: JiZhiChuang
School: Henan University
Course: Foreign Philosophy
Keywords: knowledge the given concept pragmatism
CLC: B15
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Facing the possibility of knowledge, the traditional philosophy has been doing a lot of thispaper,whether empirical or rationalism, or even with the theory of two kinds of the concept ofKant’s experience, give a pretty much theory explanation. But it is still a problem. Give theknowledge a peace and stable place is so difficult, and have a cannot extricate oneself theorytrap.C·I·lewis also give his answer. As a pragmatist, he is also a harmonic person, to Kant’stranscendental knowledge theory as a practical socialist transformation. Like the traditionalphilosophers, he also distinguish between the two kinds of knowledge elements, namely as athought the concept and independent of the activities of this kind of activity with. Hedescribed respectively the two elements, and at the same time gives both to objectivity. Andalthough that in a sense is unpredictable, but its objectivity is really our undeniable. We knowis not a group of chaos with, but rich and colorful world things. The structure of the heart togive the and integrity, make it become the we can know, can understand, can reflect on theobject. We call for the house to house, cup to cup, trees to trees, etc, it is the mind that weconstruct things. It is the concept. We in many applications such as the concept, the inevitableinto our behavior purport, these actions purport is purposeful thinking, is that we need in thepractice. But we need to convey thoughts language, so we must express concept canunderstand all of the things that made our consistent actions. Knowledge is what we need toexpress the total of the concept. Thus, C·I·lewis through the knowledge in the discussion ofthe two elements to the common knowledge.This shows, lewis is carries on the classical theory of knowledge essence, and to definethe interpretation of the concept of activities as thought and independent of the activities ofthe place and, in which lewis believes and is undoubtedly has a certain kind of objectivity is,no matter what it to heart, it is said, the mind can’t change it, also can’t create it. But theobjectivity and so that we cannot ignore the construction of the mind and the explanation,without these things, it is just a piece of chaos, also have no meaning for us. In addition, lewis brings actually with socialist factors, think we explain the concept in the application of themodel has some practical interests of the inevitable and attitude, knowledge will havepractical utility and ability, to know the world to our benefit. So to speak, lewis both broughtforward, give the classical theory of knowledge factors the brand new interpretation, andrevelation later, in which inject pragmatism explanation, for later theory of knowledgetransformation provides new ideas, and in some ways he’s innovation is effective, that we notonly constrained theory itself, but also in the practice of the reform and the innovation of theprogressive, make the knowledge constantly evolution. How knowledge may be, not onlyreason things, but also in the practice of regurgitation feeding.

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