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Return to the Reality of the Individual

Author: CuiSuZuo
Tutor: ZhuangYouGang
School: Suzhou University
Course: The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords: Sexual revolution Freud’s doctrine of Marxism Sexualrepression Self adjusting the character of the structure
CLC: B712.59
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Facing more opportunities and challenges in today’s society, the human at the sametime there have more problems, especially social and psychological problems of theindividual. We can not help but to think about, there is a theory to solve the problem ofpsychological benefit.Wilhelm Reich’s "sexual revolution", it is expanded to the level of society as awhole starting from individual psychology to elaborate personality structure andthinking awareness Problems and Solutions. Reich derived by studying the variousindividual psychological abnormality essentially originated repressed, thus proposesolutions to surface showing individual character and psychological problems, thefundamental way to address sexual repression, through sexual revolution realizedliberation. Genre founder as Freudianism, Marxism, Reich Freud’s attempt to combinetheoretical studies of individual psychological level and Marxist theoretical system, andraised original concept of character structure, pointed out the sexual repression produceunhealthy "authoritarian character structure, and then fascism society in themetamorphosis of the interaction of the individual and society, values will be negativelyaffected.although the combination of Freudianism and Marxism itself macro limitations,Reich’s theory of the sexual revolution inevitable with Marxist historical materialismdeparture, but there is no doubt, Reich has always stressed that this concept of freedomand democracy, freedom and democracy is not only reflected in a sound system and astrong economic capacity, the lifting of the shackles of the heart to develop a healthypsychology is necessary on the one hand. there on revolutionary theory expounded todiscuss and resolve the current values rebuild has a positive meaning. How to achievethe balance of the natural and social needs, Marx ’s capital, which is what we hope from the Reich theory study looking into the revelation. We might as well be the theory of thesexual revolution as the macro-revolutionary supplement, from a psychologicalperspective for the individual and society is more realistic and comprehensivedevelopment of interpretation. I hope to provide a reference for the development path ofthe contemporary individual reality through the analysis of the theory of the "sexualrevolution" of the Reich.

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