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The Valence Strength of Emotion Prime and Target Stimulus Word Frequency on the Affective Priming Effect

Author: XieJing
Tutor: JiangZhongQing
School: Liaoning Normal University
Course: Basic Psychology
Keywords: The valence strength of emotion prime target stimulus word frequency emotionpriming effect
CLC: B842
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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In recent years,research on affective priming effect has become increasingly mature.Withthe deepening of the study,researchers already turning to stimulate materials to attribute itselfthe effect such as valence intensity of prime,target the frequency stimulation.Some studiessuggest that the valence intensity of prime might affect the emotional priming effect.otherstudies show that the target stimulus word frequency may affect the direction of affectivepriming effect.Therefore,this study of college students as subjects,using the diagram-wordpriming paradigm, evaluative categorization task,examine the valence intensity of prime andtarget stimulus word frequency to the emotional priming effect.This study included two experiments.The design of the experiment1was3(primingTypes:Postive、Negative、Nature)×2(Target Type:Postive、Negative)×2(Target WordFrequency Type:High、Low)within subject factorial.The experiment prime stimulate materialsare gentle prime materials.The design of experiment2was3(priming Types:Postive、Negative、Nature)×2(Target Type:Postive、Negative)×2(Target Word Frequency Type:High、Low)within subject factorial.Two experiments of target were asked to stimulate do evaluationcategorization task,first review gentle prime and target stimulus word frequency on theemotional priming effect.and then examine the extreme primes and target stimulus wordfrequency on the emotional priming effect,the final comparative analysis of two the results ofan experiment to study the difference in the affective priming effect produced by the differentvalence intensity of prime.The experimental results show that:The Reapeated Measures ANOVA showed an overallinteraction of prime types×target types×target word frequency types.A simple simple effectindicated that significantly less than baseline values in the gentle positive emotions primeconditions were a reaction to the positive high-frequency wordsand short mild negativethreshold conditions,, it has been affective congruency effectThe second experiment indicated in the results of analysis of the correct rate:TheReapeated Measures ANOVA showed an significance interaction of prime types×targettypes.A simple effect indicated that extreme prime hinder the reaction was negative targetstimuli;target types×target word frequency types interaction was significant,target stimulate anegative word,word for high frequency,significant side effect,significant below the baselinelevel of accuracy.Lab2reaction result analysis shows that, The Reapeated Measures ANOVAshowed an overall interaction of prime types×target types×target word frequencytypes.Extremely negative prime conditions,the reaction of the active high-frequency wordswere significantly higher than the baseline level,extremely negative prime stimuli to judge the hinder.Compared to result of two experiments,the positive prime stimulating intensity on thepriming effect is not significant with;negative prime to stimulate the intency a significantdifference on the priming effect;impact of word frequency will be a certain degree of theprime to stimulate the right start effect of the impact.The conclusions of this study:1,gentle positive prime can produce emotional prime topromote the role of the extremely,negative prime to produce affective priming hinder therole,with the evolution of life,the impact of emotion on cognition.2,the individualto thepositive emotion effect is not sensitive to the price of strength.strength of negative effect pricesensitive,this is because of human brain to two emotionproces,the use of cognitive strength ofdifferent generation,and evolutionary life.3,the targrt stimulus word frequency words are moreprone to priming effect,while the low-frequency words,no priming effect.

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