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The Establishment of the Political Orientation on the People、Livelihood

Author: GaoPeiMao
Tutor: SongYuBo
School: Southwest University of Political Science
Keywords: livelihood livelihood and politics fairness and justice economictransition
CLC: D61
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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People are the foundation of a country; when the foundation is stable, the country is inpeace. Livelihood issues, as the most concern of people, bear upon the social stability of anation. In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economics and great change ofthe economic and social environment, problems of people’s livelihood have appeared, such asthe high housing prices, the unfair education, the harsh unemployment of college students, theunemployment, the dual economic structure of urban and rural areas, the gap between the richand the poor, the inadequate health-care system and Three Rural Issues etc. prompt andeffective resolution of these problems concerns the implementation of the Scientific Outlookon Development, social fairness and justice and also the realization of the harmonioussocialist society.In a period of economic and social transition, China is facing the slowly-showed socialcontradictions. They could be lessened only when the livelihood issues are paid enoughattention to. One way to avoid petition and group incident is to allow all the members of thesociety equally share the achievement of social development. The resolution of livelihoodissues involves the institutional reform and government investment and more. It is aneffective way to solve these problems with leading of the government, the coordination of allparts of the society and the participation. After the Sixteenth Congress, the Central Committeeof the Party with Hu Jintao as the general secretary, adhere to the Deng Xiaoping Theory andthe important thought of Three Represents and put forward Scientific Outlook onDevelopment, the thought of power for the people, love for the people, benefits for the peopleand the The thought of the construction of socialist harmonious society. This indicates that thegovernment has shown more and more concern about the livelihood issues.In the social context, it is important to summarize the change of the ruling concept and toanalyze the cause and effect of the livelihood political orientation to formulate the policiesand ensure the implementation of the livelihood issues. Therefore, the author collects andanalyzes the policies about livelihood issues in recent years and studies it with acomprehensive employment of such methods as Literature research methods comparativemethod Institution Change Theory. It meant to introduce the readers the background andprocess of the livelihood orientation and the factors that affected the livelihood political turn.And also the thesis intends to show the way the turn happened and its effect. The first chapter,in the period of people’s livelihood times connotation are analyzed,andpolitical science from the perspective of people’s livelihood issues in-depth analysis,based onthe interpretation of the nature of politics of the people’s livelihood.The second chapter, analysis of the politics of the people’s livelihood orientedestablish era environment and realistic background, from the political, economic, social andrealistic background, from the political, economic, social and cultural aspects carries on theelaboration from different angles on the politics of the people’s livelihood to motivation.The third chapter, discuss the politics of the people’s livelihood to the concrete path.From the structural transformation of the economy, public goods supply, improve the socialsecurity system, The social management autonomy, political system reform undertook ananalysis, explore the effective way to solve the problems of people’s livelihood.The fourth chapter, from the theory and reality of two perspectives on the politics of thepeople’s livelihood to elaborated a far-reaching significance.The author aims to expand the perspective to view the livelihood issues and provide anew explanation to perceive them.

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