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On the influence of the Jules Ferri's education method of France

Author: MengYaLi
Tutor: XiaoYunShang
School: Shanghai International Studies University
Course: French Language and Literature
Keywords: Jules Ferry Education Act Free Obligation Secular Secularism
CLC: G639
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Since the French Revolution, the French were tortuous exploration of compulsory education and free education. The establishment of the Third Republic, the French Minister of education Jules Ferri presided over the formulation of the two education act. Although education embodies the principle of not ferry first, process act caused the opposition fierce debate, but in the end to use legal means to implement, free, compulsory and secular education is deeper and wider than any previous period. Ferry free, compulsory and secular education is the very high appraisal in the French historians. Let m Gaillard said: "he is a representative of the times....... He is in the form of law to solve related to the Republic of China and the future and destiny of the education of france. The reason why people permanently mark the elementary education act of his free, compulsory, secular, because it touched the whole education system....... He is a great designer of the new building, the school." The impact on the French and the promulgation of this thesis mainly discusses how the 1 Ferri act has after, the main contents are as follows: the process of secularization of tortuous exploration on compulsory education and free education and the French since 1, the French great revolution, laid the foundation for the promulgation of Jules Ferri education method; the Franco Prussian War France defeated promoted act. 2, from the two aspects of positive and negative interpretation of Jules Ferri's Education Act embodies equality, free, compulsory and secular principles. 3, from the consolidation of state power, the school education and teacher training mode, the French democracy education development and French secularism analyzed the two education act on the influence of france. Jules Ferri education act the patriotic education in all education first, unity of patriotism education and language be split such that French together, forming a common national consciousness, better service to the Republic of china. Through this reform, the French completed the transition from the feudal education to modern education. The development of modern French education system on the basis of this, the compulsory education age gradually extend the range of free education, expanding from the original primary education, preschool education and normal education to occupation education and secondary education. Secular education separating beliefs and knowledge in two major areas, religious education became the responsibility of the family, school and social functions into knowledge education. This laid the foundation for cultivating talents, but also has a profound influence on the separation of church and state of france. As the French modernization, reform contents of school teaching, in order to better meet the needs of economic development, cultivating new economic development. Ferri Education Act has been amended several times, eventually being incorporated into the French education law, continue to affect education in france.

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