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On Female College Students’ Harmonious Interpersonal Relationship

Author: QiaoPeng
Tutor: HeZhaoHong
School: Guangxi Normal University
Course: Ideological and Political Education
Keywords: harmony female college students interpersonal relationships
CLC: G645.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Recently, the construction of a harmonious society is one of our current themes, of which harmonious interpersonal relationship is an important component. Campus is closely associated with harmonious society which is the cradle of supplying high-quality and high capacity personnel and can provide with cultural and spiritual support to the construction of a harmonious society.. Therefore, the building of a harmonious campus is an important segment of a harmonious society. Harmonious campus requires harmonious interpersonal relationships, which is important for the stability and sustainable development of universities. Whether College students have harmonious interpersonal relationships or not is one of the important evaluation criterions to judge whether the students and colleges develop healthily or not. As an important part of colleges and universities, female college students’relationships are generally not very satisfactory because of their unique physiological and psychological characteristics and the conflict between traditional culture and different ideas. There are a lot of disharmonious phenomena, such as idealized, complex, anomic, utilitarian, abnormal interpersonal relationship etc., which bring them a lot of troubles in psychology, daily life, learning and work, This is not only an obstacle for them to form a correct outlook on life, values and world, but also has a negative influence on the construction of a harmonious campus.Therefore, we must help female students to establish positive and correct interpersonal concept and build their harmonious interpersonal relationships with the right methods and interpersonal skills through different researches and explorations on communities, colleges, families and individuals. I think it is an important subject for colleges and society to improve female college students’ relationships, and make them as the leading part in building a harmonious campus in China’s building harmonious society today. Therefore, research on female students’harmonious interpersonal relationships is very important with far-reaching theoretical and practical significance.Taking the above into considerations, this article first define the concept of interpersonal relationships, female students’interpersonal relationships, and harmonious interpersonal relationships and then analyzes the problems and causes of female students’interpersonal relationships. Based on Marxist theory and knowledge on sociology, psychology, pedagogy and other related subjects, it analyzes the current situation and characteristics of nowadays female college students’interpersonal relationships in network environment through document retrieval, theoretical analysis and other methods to analyze and summarize.This article analyzes the problems and causes from two aspects environmental factors and female college students themselves, such as the Internet, the spreading of various medias with various negative, undesirable phenomena which penetrate into their daily lives and other negative ideas gradually spread to their thoughts and consciousness, which then seriously hinders the mental and physical development of female college students; the one-sidedness and ignorance of family education caused confusion in the communication of the female students; self-esteem, depression jeasouy and vanity, of emotional feeling cause interpersonal tension; individual differences and cognitive bias are also the causes.From female students themselves, schools, society and the network, the article presents a countermeasures and solutions to the construction of harmonious interpersonal relationship from multi-angle, multi-faceted, such as self-adjustment, rational cognition, establishing the correct values; establishing the concept of role reversal, eliminating confusion; strengthening exchange education and improving communication skills; focusing on mental health education, and to correct bad communication state of mind; optimizing the schools, social, networks environment, and creating a good atmosphere for a harmonious relationship. This is to achieve initiative effect, providing theoretical frameword and approaches to the construction of a harmonious interpersonal relationships of college female students.This paper describes the main elements:first, the definition and characteristics of a harmonious interpersonal relationship, interpersonal relationships, interpersonal relationships of female college students; Second, the situation and characteristics of female college students’interpersonal relationships; Third, causes of female college students’disharmonious interpersonal relationships; Fourth, ways for female college students to establish a harmonious relationship.Innovation of this paper is:first, in the framework of building a harmonious society, this paper analyses female university students, the situation and features of interpersonal discord, eliminating these disharmonious factors and put forward countermeasures, commendations for future study as well. Second, the paper focuses on the disharmony of female college students and explore new ways of constructing a harmonious relationship combined with the Marxist theory, sociology, social psychology, sociology, etc.. This study have both theoretical and practical significance for the establishment of a harmonious relationship of female university students.

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