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Analysis of the Property Right Structure and Regional Economic Growth

Author: XuDiFei
Tutor: NianZhiYuan
School: Jilin University
Course: Institutional Economics
Keywords: property rights property rights structure regional economic growth north-eastern area
CLC: F127
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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Economic aggregate growth doesn’t necessarily mean regional economicgrowing harmoniously. If there are great economic disparities among different regions,it will affect the sustainable growth of economy sooner or later. If we want to realizethe steady transformation of Chinese economy, the sustainable development, we mustmaintain sensible regional economic growth disparity. Theoretically, this dissertationexamines the law of the coordinate growth between regions by applying theknowledge of new institutional economics from exploring property rights structure.Practically, it puts forward that we could optimize regional structure of a region’seconomic growth, better the quality of the regional economic growth, make best useof the property rights structure to release the potentials of regional economic growth.This dissertation consists of five chapters as follows:The first chapter is introduction. Firstly, the chapter elaborates the backgroundand the significance of this dissertation both theoretically and practically. Itemphasizes that it is very necessary to combine the property rights structure withregional economic growth because this is the demand of the study of enrich regionaleconomic growth theory, and the demand of optimizing regional economic growthstructure and bettering the quality of regional economic growth. Secondly, theliterature review starts from the basic concepts of property rights, structure of propertyrights and regional economic growth, sort out the relationship among them. Based onthe logic of property rights promoting economic growth, this chapter also discussesthe possibility and condition of this. Thirdly, the research methods and structure. Withthe methodology of canonical parse and case study, abstract and concrete,macroscopically and microscopically, it analyses systematically and gets the nature ofproperty rights structure and the path to promote regional economic growth. At thesame time, it introduces the structure of the dissertation, states the thesis of thedissertation. Lastly, it also points out the innovations of this dissertation andimprovements that this dissertation could further have in the future.Chapter two sorts out the theory and gives comments. Starting from thestructuralism in economics, the dissertation introduces the basic contents of propertyrights structure, its function, category, basic characteristics and factors that couldaffect it. It compares the property rights structure and institutional structure of property rights and gives comments on the theory of property rights theory. Secondly,based on the theory of regional economic growth, it introduces the connotation ofregional economic growth, factors that could affect it and modes of it and givescomments on the theory from the perspective of how it could promote the coordinatedevelopment of regional economic growth and the transformation of economicdevelopment. Lastly, it states that the relationship of the property rights structure andregional economic growth is mutually dependent.Chapter three is about the function of property rights structure on the regionaleconomic growth. It suggests that we should classify property rights structureaccording to different styles and make sure how each kind would promote regionaleconomy. Thus, the dissertation categorizes the property rights structure into propertyrights hold structure, property rights investing structure and property rights runningstructure. It then analyzes the function of each kind in promoting regional economicgrowth.Chapter four is the analysis of the property rights structure and regionaleconomic growth in north-eastern area of China. With the case study of north-easternarea, it analyzes the mechanism of action of property rights structure on regionaleconomic growth. The reform and opening policy is the turning point for thetransformation of the system in history. Firstly, the dissertation examines thecharacteristics of the property rights structure and regional economic growth innorth-eastern area before the reform and opening policy. It analyzes the innerrelationship between them and gives an objective evaluation. Secondly, in the sameway, the dissertation also examines the characteristics of the property rights structureand regional economic growth in north-eastern area after the reform and openingpolicy. It then analyzes the inner relationship between them and gives an objectiveevaluation. At last, it explores the remaining problems and reasons underlyingproperty rights structure and regional economic growth. Thus it sorts out therelationship between property rights structure and regional economic growth, andclarifies how we could promote the regional economic growth through optimizing theproperty rights structure and lay the foundation for narrowing the gap of regionaleconomic development.Chapter five is the idea of adjustment of the property rights structure innorth-eastern area. Based on the analysis in chapter four and the mutually dependent relationship between property rights structure and regional economic growth, thestudy maintains that we must let the property rights structure play an active role inorder to optimize the economic structure in north-eastern area, change the methods ofeconomic development in north-eastern area and narrow the gap between thedevelopment of north-eastern and developed areas. The dissertation puts forward atrain of thoughts in five aspects to better the economy: first, make sure the purposeand significance of the adjustment of the property rights structure in north-easternChina. It believes the purpose of the adjustment of property rights structure innorth-eastern area is to optimize the economic structure in north-eastern area, changethe methods of economic development in north-eastern area, create a harmoniousdeveloping environment in this area and become a stabilizer in the development ofnorth-eastern area. And the significance of the adjustment of property rights structurein north-eastern area is to advance the quality of the economic development, bringnew vigor and vitality into the economic growth in this area, promote the optimizingand adjusting the property rights structure, become the driving power to upgrade theproperty rights structure, promote people’s all-round free development and lay up aharmonious foundation for labour management relationship. Second, based on theeconomic development practice in north-eastern area, the dissertation stresses the fourbasic principles to speed up the property rights structure adjustment, i.e. region,gradual adjustment, minimum cost, fairness and efficiency. It maintains that these fourprinciples could promote the compatibility of property rights structure andnorth-eastern area development and strengthen the pertinence of the property rightsstructure adjustment. Third, it points out that the major aim of the adjustment of theproperty rights structure in north-eastern area is to narrow the gap between thedevelopment of north-eastern and developed areas and to promote the economicgrowth in north-eastern area. The main aim is to concern about the adjustment of thesocial order, make north-eastern area more harmonious and steadily-developing.Besides, lowering the cost of regional economic growth, getting more potentialbenefits in the process of regional economic growth, bettering profits in human capital,advance the competitive ability in north-eastern area are also significant aims that cannot be ignored. Fourthly, making sure the functions of different economic body in theproperty rights structure adjustment can make it get better results. Considering thespecial characteristics in the development of north-eastern area in history, the dissertation states out the roles that the central government and the affiliateddepartment, government at all levels in the area, enterprises and institutions in the areaand the general public in the area should play in the property rights structureadjustment. Fifthly, the dissertation points out that the institution support is essentialin property rights structure adjustment. Systematic institution support can optimizeproperty rights structure in north-eastern area and become the engine to promote thedevelopment in the area. In order to strengthen the pertinence of institution support,enhance the efficiency of institutional reform, the dissertation emphasizes that theproperty rights structure adjustment can be carried out from three aspects, i.e. propertyrights hold structure, property rights investing structure and property rights runningstructure. This can provide the institutional support for the function release of theproperty rights structure.In conclusion, the idea of the path to realize the regional economic growth fromthe perspective of property rights structure is pretty innovated. The case study ofnorth-eastern area is very exemplary and clear. The qualitative analysis in thisdissertation is complete in sorting out the function of property rights structure in theregional economic growth and the relationship between them. The improvement thatthis dissertation could further make is adding more quantitative analysis into it.

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