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Stomers Purchase Counterfeit Knowingly:the Influence of Perceived Risk、Reference Group、Purchase Intention

Author: HuangLingZuo
Tutor: ZhangJianYu
School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course: Marketing Management
Keywords: Customers purchase counterfeit knowingly Perceived risk Reference group Counterfeit purchase intention Counterfeit purchasebehavior
CLC: F713.55
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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The counterfeits is active in our country at present.They tend to be real ones, so that consumers can’t recognize them.It takes a lot of damage to market economy and consumer rights in our country. These poor conterfeits even enter into the international market which causes a serious influence to our country’s international image.Counterfeits are deceptive goods. From the seller’s market speaking, it is to add other enterprise’s trademark logo on their own products, which let consumers can’t identify and even purchase them.Alough produce counterfeits is illegal, but you can obtain the considerable gains without expand the market by yourself. Therefore, many illegal enterprise desperate to produce counterfeits. From the buyer market speaking, the counterfeits market size depend on if consumers could recognize the counterfeits and decide to buy them or not.Qing-hong Xie sorts out the consumers’counterfeit purchasing into three parts.The first one is buying the counterfeit without knowing,the second is buying the couterfeit knowingly,the third is buying it with helpness.This paper makes a study of the initiative of counterfeit purchasing, it means the consumers buy counterfeit knowingly. It does not exist the consumer buy a couterfeit by chance, it also does not exist the consumers buy the couterfeit with helpness.Through the existing literature, most counterfeit purchasing is from a macroscopic aspect to explain, a few is from the micro-consumer aspects to do the empirical research.From the angle of the perceived risk, and the effect of reference group is not found yet. Therefore, this article do the research of consumers’counterfeit purchasing knowingly from the angle of perceived risk and introducing reference group as a regulation variables influence.Perceived risk people in the subjective evaluation when they face various of harmful consequences or dangerous behaviors (Cox,1967). It is a man’s subjective assessment to the objective risk, which dependent on intuition,feeling, impressions, mood and other kinds of individual subjective feeling or intuitivejudgment.lt is an inaccurate assessment based on different individuals Jacoby&Kaplan (1972) and Roselius (1971) did the research of perceived risk then found it should be divided into financial risk, functional risk, psychological risk, social risk, physical risk and time risk. They also found the six dimensions which can explain88%total perceived risk.Financial risk is the money outcome in the past or future. Functional risk refer to the counterfeits can’t be use in normal. Physical risk refer to the damage to themselves or others while using counterfeits. Time risk is the time lost when you had to take the counterfeits to repair, change or send them back. Psychological risk is the risk to damage self feelings when they made a wrong decision. They thought the counterfeit is a bad thing to their own "glorious image". Social risk is satire, laugh, sarcasm from colleagues, friends, family or other social relevance when they made an error decision.Consumers’perceived face is the subjective feel of the reputation, identity and position. Perceived protection face is to avoid themselves from losing face. When consumers buy counterfeits,they thought others may had a bad pression on themselves which get their face lost.Consumer perceived social risk is others’ negation, ridiculed, which is the external negative feedback. Psychological risk is the inner negative feedback. External negative feedback and inner negative feedback similar to the consumers’ perceived face, which is the self-perception and others’negative feedback. This paper is mainly used in perceived protection face, namely avoiding themselves or others to lose their face. The Chinese "face" is a popular feeling,so import consumer perceived face risk to alternative social, psychological risk to explain the overall risk.The reference group is an organization or group which can put infulence of attitude, cognition, behavior, produce effect on individuals. This paper defined reference group is inner group,which not including rejection group. The reference group theory explain consumers counterfeit purchasing. Which means taking the counterfeits for granted when the reference group supporting to buy counterfeits, rejecting the counterfeits when the reference group opposing to buy counterfeits. At this time, the model is perceived risk has a indirect influence on purchase behavior through purchasing intends while it has a direct influence when consumers purchasing counterfeits knowingly,and the reference group has a regulation variables influence.Though literature review, interview, and questionnaire to decide the perceived risk and purchasing counterfeits intend scale. The perceived risk turns from financial, function, physical, social, psychological and time six dimensions to financial, function, physiological, time and perceived face five dimensions, then turned to performance, time, face three dimension which finally to performance and face two dimension.This article gets the empirical study confirmed:Firstly, the consumer s’ perceived risk has a negative correlation on purchase behavior while they buy counterfeits knowingly. The higher the perceived performance risk is, it is less to purchase counterfeits;The higher the perceived face risk is, it is less to purchase counterfeits. Secondly, the consumers perceived risk has a negative correlation on purchase intention while purchasing counterfeit knowingly. The higher the perceived risk is, the purchase intention is less. The higher the perceived performance risk is, the purchase intention is less; The higher the perceived face risk is, the purchase intention is less. Thirdly, purchase intention has a positive correlation on purchase behavior. Fourthly, purchase intention is a part of mediating role between perceived risk and purchase behavior.To often buyers, the intermediary influence is obviously, which means perceived risk affects their purchase intention and then affect the purchase behavior further. Fifthly, the reference group as a regulation variables influence on perceived risk and purchase behavior.The study of the article has some enlightenments:The first, strengthen the perceived risk when consumers purchasing conterfeit. On the one hand, enhance the consumers’performance risk. On the other hand, enhance the consumers’ perceived face risk. The second, strengthen the impact of the reference group. First to strengthen the influence of reference group on consumer behavior.Next to make sure the impact of the reference group is negative not positive, which against the consumers to purchasing counterfeits. The third,make the consumers’ counterfeits purchase intention low. Educate the consumer to start from themselves, support quality goods, refuse to use or consumption counterfeits. Though the literature review, The counterfeit purchase behavior is almost from macroscopic aspect to explain, a few from the micro consumer aspects to do the empirical research.From the angle of perceived risk and introducing reference group is almost no be found yet. Therefore, this article has some innovation points. The first, focus on the small segment of consumers purchasing counterfeits knowingly; The second, chose the angle of perceived risk and introducing the influence of reference group to study on consumers counterfeit purchase intention and behavior.The shortage and prospects of this paper:Firstly the sample data is representative and insufficient.They most from students of SWUFE and friends or colleagues.Therefore,future research should make scientific sampling survey. Secondly, there should be further study on financial risk and time risk. Thirdly, there should be further research on the mediating role of counterfeit purchase intention between perceived risk and purchase behavior, especially for the consumer purchasing counterfeit occasionally.

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