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Research on Sustainable Development of Industrial Enterprises Based on Rebound Effect Theory

Author: NieZuo
Tutor: LvRongSheng
School: Tianjin University of Technology
Course: Business management
Keywords: Rebound effect Industrial enterprises Sustainable development Energy Consumption
CLC: F425
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The face of the increasingly enhanced resource constraints, governments have taken aseries of energy-saving measures to curb the energy consumption of the high-speed. Whichimprove energy efficiency is one of the important means to save energy consumption. Theeffectiveness of this measure, however, has been questioned by some scholars, they think, andtechnical progress on the one hand to improve energy efficiency and reduce energyconsumption, on the other hand can also bring economic expansion leading to an increaseddemand for the economy as a whole body, boththe combine may bring the increase of the totalenergy consumption, this phenomenon is known as the rebound effect. The emergence of therebound effect enables governments and enterprises have to consider the use of the traditionalway to reduce energy consumption by improving energy efficiency. Another importantenergy-related issues in recent years, sustainable development, and the sustainabledevelopment of enterprises requires enterprises in the pursuit of self-survival anddevelopment process, not only to achieve business objectives and improve their marketposition, but also to a long period of timemaintain sustained earnings growth capability.Therefore, the theoretical background of the rebound effect, studies of industrial enterprises asthe core concern to energy for sustainable development, the rebound effect theory of industrialenterprises for sustainable development impact study can make up for the lack of theoreticalresearch, empirical estimates more provide a reference for the sustainable development ofindustrial enterprises.Firstly, analysis of related research status at home and abroad, combined with the energyconsumption situation of China’s industrial enterprises into the details of the industrialenterprises of the mechanism of action as a rebound effect after consumers and producers ofenergy efficiency have broad economic effects.Secondly, the calculation model for this study on the basis of theoretical analysis is basedon the neo-classical economic theory, discuss, respectively, from the three aspects of themodel of choice, the choice of the production function and the assumptions of the model;basic data includesince the reform and opening up (1978), the economic output of industrialenterprises, energy inputs, capital and labor into four time-series data, mostly through theavailable statistics, can not directly study existing scholarscalculated based on.Thirdly, the the use of Eviews3.1software estimates the rebound effect value of industrialenterprises in the years and the future trend. Studies have shown that the existence of reboundeffects in industrial enterprises in China, and there are big differences between years, anaverage of83.69%in this study range within that improve energy efficiency to achieve thegoal of energy conservation, but the energy-saving effect weakened due to the effect of thepresence of the springback. Showed a slight upward trend in the long term, the rebound effect of China’s industrial enterprises, means that technological progress brings the energy-savingeffect of the gradual weakening of the resulting economic expansion is likely to lead to moreenergy consumption situation even rebound is greater than the energy savings. It can be seento improve the energy efficiency of energy consumption can not completely solve the problem,the industrial enterprises in the near future to face energy scramble even energy depletionpredicament.Finally, We can formulate develop strategies for sustainable development of the industrialenterprises from four aspects,which are human resources, capital investment, corporateculture and social responsibility, in order to achieve the industrial corporate social sustainable,economic sustainable, resource sustainable, ecologically sustainable unifieddevelopment.

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