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Study on the Competitiveness of Manufacturing Industry in Jilin Province

Author: HaoHua
Tutor: LinXiuMei
School: Jilin University
Course: Industrial Economics
Keywords: Manufacturing Pillar industries Competitiveness Competitive efficiency Factor analysis Data envelopment analysis
CLC: F427
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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The manufacturing industry is the pillar of national economic development, an importantsource of national income, an important symbol to measure the comprehensive strength andinternational competitiveness of a country or region, manufacturing industry competitiveness isdirectly affect a country or region`s position and function in world economy.Jilin Province is an important old industrial base. In the course of six decades ofindustrialization of Jilin Province, the manufacturing sector has always been a pillar industry ofJilin Province, and transportation equipment manufacturing, petrochemical, food processingindustry is the most important of the three pillar industries, which support the province’s economy,in national economic development plays an important role. The less competitive of manufacturingindustry and its internal pillar industries, lead to economic backwardness in the developedprovinces of Jilin Province. In this paper, through the construction of regional manufacturingindustrial competitiveness and the pillar industry competitiveness evaluation index system,respectively evaluated Jilin province manufacturing industry and pillar industry in the nationalstatus, analyzed the competitiveness factors, summarizes its competitive developmentcharacteristic, made clear its competitive advantages and gap, and then combined with the driveability of three pillar industries to other manufacturing industry, from internal industry level,analyzed Jilin province manufacturing industry competitiveness, finally, from the essence ofcompetitiveness, production efficiency, made static and dynamic contrast analysis to themanufacturing industry and pillar industries in Jilin Province, gave efficiency explanation to theJilin province manufacturing industry competitiveness.This paper consists of 6 chapters, as follows:Chapter 1 is an introduction, firstly introduced the research background and significance,then summarized the study on competitiveness of manufacturing industry, include overallmanufacturing competitiveness, manufacturing internal industrial competitiveness, the efficiencyof manufacturing three aspects, finally introduced the research ideas, research methods, researchcontent and frame.Chapter 2 is the connotation and the theoretical basis of the competitiveness ofmanufacturing industry. This chapter first described the related concepts of manufacturing competitiveness, introduced the concept of competitiveness from competition, according to theregion and the research subjects, introduced the concept of international competitiveness, regionalcompetitiveness and country competitiveness, industry competitiveness, enterprisescompetitiveness, on the basis of this, defined the region manufacturing industry competitiveness;the manufacturing industry competitiveness research theory, introduced the cost advantage theory,technological innovation theory, competitive advantage theory and system innovation advantagetheory, in which, the cost advantage theory includes the theory of absolute advantage, comparativeadvantage theory, factor endowment theory, assemble advantage theory, human capital,technology gap theory, life cycle theory, scale economy theory.Chapter 3 is the current situation of the development of manufacturing industry in Jilinprovince. This chapter is a more comprehensive, systematic description to the manufacturingindustry in Jilin province, starting from the history of industrial development in Jilin Province,analyzed three aspects in detail to the characteristics of the development of manufacturing since2000: development scale and economic benefit analysis of the manufacturing industry in JilinProvince, found the main economic indicators rising, the country’s total proportion of downwardtrend, economic benefits promotes stage by stage, profitability is still below the national average;industry structure and the correlation analysis, found that the internal structure of manufacturingindustry were diversified and balanced, a heavy industrialization structure had been optimized,industrial correlation was weak, the economic radiate drive capacity was weaker; scientific andtechnological innovation and environmental protection analysis, found that the science andtechnology innovation ability promoted faster, but the current level was still very low, energyconsumption per unit of output and the "three wastes" emissions tended to decrease.Chapter 4 studies on the competitiveness of manufacturing industry in Jilin province basedon the inter-provincial comparative. This chapter took the research starting point in 2000, withdetailed and accurate census data in 2004 and 2008, supported by the latest available data in 2010four time section, compared the competitiveness of manufacturing industry in Jilin provincebetween the static section. Firstly, constructed a regional manufacturing industrial competitivenessevaluation index system including 11 aspects of 24 indicators, using the method of factor analysis,extract five factors which have effect on regional manufacturing industrial competitiveness,namely the industry scale factor, environment factor, technical innovation factor, energy-savingemission reduction factor, industrial benefit factor, the factor scores and composite scores of eacharea were calculated and sorted, drawn from 2000 to 2010, the competitiveness of manufacturingindustry in Jilin from eleventh down to fifteenth; then, analyzed the competitiveness ofmanufacturing industry in Jilin characteristics, based on the region manufacturing industry competitiveness score, leading, challenge, chase and backward 4 groups were classified, Jilinprovince belongs to the chase group which has not clear competitive advantage; according tofactor scores of regional manufacturing industrial competitiveness, made clustering analysis eachyear, Jilin province belongs to no obvious driving factors and the lag factor categories; accordingto east center-west region division, Jilin province belongs to the central region, having a centralregion manufacturing industry competitive features, the industry scale and the developmentenvironment of the two major factors influencing is relatively backward, while the other 3 factorsare relatively leading; finally, compared Jilin Province with develop provinces, found as a result ofthe area and policy differences, resulting in the manufacturing industry of Jilin province assembleelement ability difference, industry scale and environment of development lag; compared withLiaoning Province, Heilongjiang province, showed that the interior structure of manufacturingindustry in Jilin province upgrade faster, performance for more strong technology innovationability; compared with the middle provinces, showed that the backward production efficiency hadrestricted the industrial development scale elevated.Chapter 5 studies on the competitiveness of pillar industries of manufacturing industry inJilin province. This chapter built Jilin province pillar industries competitiveness evaluation indexsystem, selected 2000 and 2009 which have region industry R&D census data supported, revitalizenortheast old industry base initiatives to implement the year 2004 three time sections, mainlyanalyzed the competitiveness of three major pillar industries of Jilin Province, the transportationequipment manufacturing industry, petrochemical industry, food industry. Firstly analyzed thetransportation equipment manufacturing industry, found that the absolute quantity of maineconomic indicators increased continually, countrywide proportion declined, economic efficiencyindicators upward, increasingly stronger correlation with other industries, the support andrestriction to the economy of Jilin Province was increasing, but the industrial competitivenessdeclined, from second down to seventh, it is urgent to improve the competition ability to supportthe promotion of the competitiveness of manufacturing industry in Jilin province; then analyzedthe petrochemical industry, found that the major economic indicators of the industry accounted forthe proportion of Jilin Province industry and this industry of the country declined, economicbenefits poor performance, profit ability was abate, industrial correlation was slightly weaker,industry competitiveness gradually decreased, from twelfth down to twenty-second, lagged theoverall competitiveness of manufacturing industry of Jilin Province; finally, analyzed the foodindustry, found that industrial scale was rapidly expanded, the proportion of major economicindicators accounted for the country was rising, economic benefits increased year by year, droveweakly to other manufacturing industry, the industrial association was weaken, industrial competitiveness has improved, from twenty-sixth up to twenty-third, is the important industrysources for promoting the overall competitiveness of manufacturing industry of Jilin province infuture.Chapter 6 studies on the competitive efficiency of manufacturing industry in Jilin province.This chapter firstly using the data envelopment analysis ( DEA ) compared manufacturing industryand pillar industry in Jilin province interprovincial competition efficiency in 2010, found thatmanufacturing industry, petrochemical industry and food industry in Jilin province integratedtechnology scale relatively ineffective, the main reason lies in the pure technical efficiency waslower than the average level of 30 provinces, the availability of resources had not fully play out;transportation equipment manufacturing in Jilin province integrated technology scale wasrelatively effective, the efficiency of using resource was highest, scale of production was the mosteconomical; Compared the competitive efficiency of the manufacturing internal sector of JilinProvince in 2010, found that only transportation equipment manufacturing technology scale wasrelatively efficient, the competitive efficiency of the petrochemical industry and food industry washigher. Then, using the Malmquist index, compared dynamically the competitive efficiency of themanufacturing and the three pillar industries in Jilin Province with other provinces from 2000 to2010, found that the competitive efficiency of the manufacturing and food industry in JilinProvince declined, the crux lies in technical backward; The competitive efficiency oftransportation equipment manufacturing industry in Jilin Province was increased, gained fromtechnical efficiency; the increasing range of competitive efficiency of the petrochemical industryin Jilin Province is ranked in the bottom third, lies in the dual decline of technical efficiency andtechnological progress; then compared dynamically the competitive efficiency of manufacturinginternal sector, found that three pillars of the industry compared to other industries, the growth ofcompetitive efficiency did not have an advantage, the growth of competitive efficiency of mostmanufacturing industries gained from technological progress, technology-intensive industriesmade domain contribution to the competitive efficiency improvements of the overallmanufacturing, the labor-intensive industries was the main body of the competitive efficiencyimprovements of overall manufacturing sectors in Jilin Province.The last part is conclusion, based on the analysis of 6 chapters, gave the final conclusion ofthe study, explained existing problems in the research, and proposed the next research direction.

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