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Research on the Industrial Cluster Upgrading Based on Innovation Network

Author: YuJiaQun
Tutor: HuangJiZhong
School: Liaoning University
Course: Industrial Economics
Keywords: Industrial cluster Innovation network Network structure Upgrading Mechanism Innovation Behavior
CLC: F279.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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Nowadays, with the trend of economic globalization is becoming increasingly obvious and deeply integrate with the globe value chain, industrial cluster has already become a significant phenomenon in world’s economic development and is playing a crucial role in the global value chain. After20year’s development and strengthening, China’s industrial clusters have been the main pillar and source of the national economic development and growth, which greatly promoted the development of regional economy. However, the majority of our industrial clusters remain unstably staying in the low end of the global value chain. The main problems, like lagged productive technology and innovation activities, low brand value, inadequate motivation of creation, are restricting the development of our industrial clusters. In recent years, the majority of our industrial clusters is facing an existential crisis because of the impact of RMB appreciation, rising labor costs, moderation growth of the world’s major economies, industrial transfer and other unfavorable factors. To prevent our industrial clusters from recession or even extinction, currently it is an urgent task for industrial clusters in China to study how to survive the crisis, realize transition and upgrade. Therefore, in this paper, the analysis and interpretation of the mechanism of industrial clusters upgrade has important theoretical value and practical significance.Over the review and collating of the relevant theories on industrial clusters upgrade, this paper generalizes two broad perspectives on the studies of upgrading industrial clusters in developing countries, which are the exogenous and geographical prospectives. Considering the’exogenous’perspective stresses industrial clusters upgrade should be seeked from external dynamics, which ignores the clusters’fundamentally dynamic effect of the inside linking and the innovative function itself. Hence, it is decided that this paper will use the internal dynamics as the starting point. By referring to the theory of evolution, theory of cluster competitive advantage and relevant theory of industrial clusters upgrade, we discover the essence of industrial clusters upgrade is innovation, and the basis of industrial clusters upgrade is knowledge. Through combining the theory of innovation network and the practice of clusters upgrade, we analyze that every element of innovation network has important influence to industrial clusters upgrade and therefore establish the main subject of this paper---the mechanism of industrial clusters upgrade based on the innovative network.Based on the traditional SCP research paradigm and analysis on the main part, resource and behavior of innovation network along with their relations to the industrial clusters upgrade, the paper builds the model from the prospective of innovation network,"network structure---knowledge behavior---cluster upgrade", respectively makes theoretical analysis on "network structure---knowledge behavior" and "knowledge behavior---cluster upgrade", and discovers the mechanism of industrial clusters upgrade based on the innovation network.This paper follows the research ideas of’theory--empirical research--theoretical summary’, and puts forward11assumptions combined with the mechanism of industrial clusters upgrade model. According to the measuring scale of the elements of network structure, innovative behavior and cluster upgrade,218companies from Liaoning Province in different industrial clusters were investigated and surveyed with the utilization of the softwares SPSS and AMOS to test the reliability, validity and the availability of the theoretical assumptions. Then we clearly understand the mechanism of industrial clusters upgrade from the prospective of innovation network. And through deep analysis and discussion of empirical results, we make polies proposal.Based on the above researchful argument, the main conclusions are made as followed.(1) The internal dynamic is the fundamental of industrial clusters upgrade. The external dynamic can stimulate the industrial clusters upgrade only by influencing and changing the internal state of the cluster. The realization of industrial clusters upgrade relies on the optimization of the innovation network and the exertion of the internal dynamic effect through maintaining and promoting the innovative ability and performance.(2) The essence of industrial clusters upgrade is innovation, and the foundation of industrial clusters upgrade is knowledge. This paper defines the connotation and essence of industrial clusters upgrade, analyzes that whatever the upgrade is, technological process upgrade, product upgrade or functional upgrade, substantially, they’re all about the innovation of the cluster knowledge. The process of industrial clusters upgrade is the evolution of the cluster knowledge’s accumulation, acquisition, absorption, transformation and innovation.(3) The "network structure---knowledge behavior---cluster upgrade" is the key link to the realization of industrial clusters upgrade. This paper builds the industrial clusters upgrade model based on the innovative behavior as the intermediate variable and theoretically studies and empirically verifies that network structure needs to influence the industrial clusters upgrade through innovative behavior, and innovative behavior directly impacts the industrial clusters upgrade.(4) Innovation network plays a significant role to the industrial clusters upgrade. The realization of industrial clusters upgrade requires the combined action from the main part, behavior and resource of innovation network and their accord development. The innovation network sets up a resource platform for the cooperation and competition of every main part of every behavior, the acquisition of complementary resources and the smooth flow of knowledge, which enhances the cluster’s innovation performance and promotes the industrial clusters upgrade.The innovation of this paper’s research is mainly embodied as followed:(1) Due to the existing industrial cluster upgrade research are mostly analyzed in by the global value chain prospective of clusters external, which emphasizes clusters upgrade resorts to external dynamics, ignoring the clusters’inner relations and the innovation function of the cluster. Meanwhile, innovation network impact to cluster’s innovation and development is increasingly evident, lacks the research in the aspect of industrial cluster upgrade based on this theory because it starts late and does n’t have an integrated theoretical system. This paper, in the sight of innovation network, emphasizes that cluster networked innovation influences the industrial cluster upgrade, which to some extent complement the lack of the existing research. And this paper is therefore provided with innovation.(2) Based on the relevant theories of innovation network and the practice of industrial cluster upgrade, this paper regards industrial cluster upgrade as a innovation network system, merging the traditional "SCP" paradigm of industrial organizations and the essence of three elements of the network structure to put forward an overall theoretical model and frame for industrial cluster upgrade in the sight of innovation network, and builds a mechanism model of "network structure---innovative behavior---cluster upgrade", and discovers the internal mechanism of the influence to industrial cluster upgrade by innovation network structure and innovative behavior. The innovation of this paper lies in the theoretical frame and model of the research on industrial cluster upgrade, which enriches and completes the relevant theories of industrial cluster upgrade.(3) The existing empirical research of industrial cluster upgrade elaborates basically from the global value chain prospective of cluster external, taking the whole cluster as the basic unit and using the method of "dealing with cluster on its merits". Most of them mainly introduce static theoretical analysis and stateful case description to summarize experience and theoretical deduction from successful cases of cluster, which is lack of the deep and systematical research on industrial cluster upgrade at microscopic level of cluster enterprises. And this kind of holistic analysis of cluster can hardly discover the mechanism of cluster upgrade authentically or put forward cogent and operable proposals on the practice of industrial cluster upgrade. In the sight of innovation network, according to the samples of218investigated and surveyed cluster enterprises’data, this paper builds structural equation model during the empirical research, utilizes softwares SPSS and AMOS to verify theoretical model and assumptions and discovers the mechanism of industrial cluster upgrade from innovation network prospective. The empirical research of this paper complements the lack of the microscopic analysis and quantitative analysis of the existing cluster upgrading research to some extent and enriches the method of empirical analysis to industrial cluster upgrade.

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