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Based on the interaction of urban and rural perspective of a new socialist countryside construction

Author: ShaoJingLi
Tutor: HuXiaoPeng
School: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Course: Industrial Economics
Keywords: Urban-rural interaction Development mode The construction of socialist new countryside
CLC: F320
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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President Hu Jintao pointed out that the three rural issues have always been the overall and fundamental problems of the communist party and the development of people’s career. Agricultural abundance is the foundation of the strong basis of the country. The richer the farmers are, the more prosperous the coutry is. And the stability of the rural areas determines that of the society, too. Objectively speaking, if China want to build socialist well-off society, three rural issues, namely, rural life is too hard, the farmers are too poor, and the agriculture are falling behind too much, are inevitablely need to face up with. The three rural issues can’t be solved well as always. For a short term, it is not good for the stability, healthy and sustainability of the development of our national economy; and for a long-term, it’s not good for the long-term stability of the society.The implementation of the household responsibility system in rural areas had promoted China’s 30 years’ reform and opening up; the great practice of the construction of new socialist countryside will create a new era for the socialist modernization in China. During the practice of building new socialist countryside, a new generation of socialist farmers are growing up. They leave behind closedness, poverty, and walk towards the progress of civilization, prosperous. And with their sweat and wisdom, they create a better new life and write a new chapter in the history of the Chinese farmers. Building a new socialist countryside supplies the greatest benefits for hundreds of millions of farmers. And the hearts of hundreds of millions of farmers are closely united under the leader of the socialism with Chinese characteristics. The successful experience of the construction of new socialist countryside in China will change the traditional thinking--the blindness of urbanization-- in Western economic circles. And it plays an extremely important role in innovation.I found that many scholars at home and abroad have done many research on the three rural issues and have abtained some achievements. But the three rural issues in China has not been well solved. The author believes that there should be an overall concept of thinking and the vision to catch the nature of the problem. From the perspective of interactive development of urban and rural areas, building a socialist new countryside, solely rely on farmers’s own power, energy, resources and national policy levers, for a short time, inevitablely the farmers can get real benefits. But building a well-off society fundamentally is still nowhere in sight. Through reviewing the relevant information, systematically analysing of the data, and analysing the actual cases, I hope the related theories in my paper can bring a new inspiration to the current expansion of the scale of urbanization and the construction of the new countryside.My paper is divided into seven chapters.The first chapter is an introduction part. This is the a background of the whole paper. The main topic in this chapter is why I chose this topic, what’s the purpose of this pape, where I get the materia, the basic content of this paper and the innovation which difficiate my paper to some other other related papers.The second chapter is the theory of urban-rural interactive development. This chapter is mainly about the interpretation of all the relevant theories involved in this paper. And my whole paper is based on the analysis of these viewpoints.The third chapter is the basic content and security conditions of the theory for the urban-rural interactive development. This is the structure of the paper and connected with the following and the above part. First I started with the concept of the urban-rural interactive development. And then I do interpretations in details for them one by one, which is not only explains the above theories, but also make a basis for the following discussion.The forth chapter analyse the problems and the causes during building a new socialist countryside from the perspective of the current urban-rural interactive development of China.This is discussed in detail. Through the detailed analysis of problems and causes of the problem, that topic is well demonstrated. The perspective view of this chapter is completely on urban-rural interactive development, which is also some other papers haven’t mentioned. This is one of the innovations of this article.The fifth chapter maily focuses on the good pracitce and model of buidling new coutryside based on the urban-rural interactive development. This chapter mainly discusses what the developed provinces had done and learns from their success. The ideas will provide excellent countermeasures and dynamic mechanisms for the following chapter.The sixth chapter chapter mainly put forward the strategies to building a new countryside based on perspective of the urban-rural interactive development. Based on the previous research, this chapter will make a conclusive summary. In the context of the current blindness of large-scale urbanization in China, through the previous analysis of the problems and what we learnt from the developed provinces, I will try to put forward a reasonable solution and strategy.The seventh chapter are conclusions and outlookings. This section is the end part of my paper. I will introduce some research achievements and problems that needs to do further study.

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