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Pressure-volume-temperature-composition (PVTx) Properties of the CO2-H2O System-data Assessment and Modeling

Author: YuDanDan
Tutor: HuJiaWen
School: Shijiazhuang University of Economics
Course: Mineralogy,petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology
Keywords: Equation of state density model data assessment PVTx properties CO2geological storage
CLC: P593
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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The simulation of CO2geological storage and the evaluation of the storage efficiencyand safety require accurate knowledge of the pressure–volume-temperature-composition(PVTx) properties of the CO2-bearing formation water system, as well as their changes. Inaddition, the interpretation of many geological processes and the simulation of manyindustrial processes also need the PVTx properties of the CO2–H2O-salt system. Therefore,the high-precision PVTx experimental data and models of the CO2–H2O-salt system arevery important. In view of this, the accuracy and consistency of nine groups of PVTxexperimental data of the CO2-H2O mixtures below the critical temperature of water thathave not been assessed before are assessed in this work. The above data cover a wide rangeof pressure and temperature (274.15–575K,0–6000MPa). Among them, there are two setsof accurate data. Small systematic deviations are found in one of the other sets of data,these data, however, turn out to be highly accurate after the correction in this work. Thereare two sets of data of only moderate accuracy. One of them shows good overall accuracy,but has large errors at several data points. In the other dataset, the liquid data are found tobe internally inconsistent, but the gas data do not show similar problem. The deviations ofthe gas data are close to those of most existing gas PVTx data, but they are generally largerthan those of the liquid data. There is one set of data measured under flowing state far fromthermodynamic equilibrium, making the data quality difficult to evaluate. The rest threesets of data all have large deviations, and one of them, i.e. that with the highest pressures,show serious internal inconsistency. On the basis of the above work, the density model of Duan et al.(2008)(hereinafterabbreviated as DH08)(Duan, Z. H., Hu, J. W., Li, D. D., Mao, S. D., Energy and Fuels,2008,22(3):1666–1674) is modified in this work, namely adding quadratic terms ofpressure and concentration to the model. The parameterization of the new model usesseveral groups of PVTx experimental data of the CO2solutions that were considered to bethe best after critical assessment. Compared with the data used to fit the DH08model, thedata used here contain more intermediate to high temperature data and morelow-temperature data, and cover wider P-x range. The deviations of the two models andtheir relationships with P-T-x conditions show that the new model is obviously superior tothe DH08model in most cases, particularly at high temperatures, pressures orconcentrations. The new model should be more reliable than the DH08model, since it issubject to the constraints of more high-precision experimental data.

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