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  1. Research and application of high frequency soft switching technology,LiuPing/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/25
  2. Lithium ceramic breeder Li4SiO4 surface tritium release behavior research,KangChunMei/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/39
  3. Laser driven flyer initiation of energy utilization system,WangMeng/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/27
  4. Study on the galvanic corrosion behavior and mechanism of depleted uranium alloy and U-2Nb alloy,PuZuo/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/28
  5. Super hydrophobic treatment of metal aluminum coating and its corrosion resistance,ChenZhiLei/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/101
  6. Calculation and experimental study on the mechanical properties of alloy V-Ta,ChenJinFan/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/20
  7. Amorphous preparation of palladium and permeability performance of hydrogen based alloy thin belt,WuXiangChao/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/20
  8. Controlled synthesis and growth mechanism of serpentine structure of nano materials,MaGuoHua/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/119
  9. Research on hydrogen storage properties and the catalytic mechanism of Ti doped NaAIH4 system,XiongRenJin/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/85
  10. Eutectic composition and property of methyl nitroguanidine low,ChenLing/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/23
  11. Six nitro diethylstilbestrol (HNS) decomposition of light,SunYi/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/46
  12. Experimental Study on Shock Compressive Damage and Electric Breakdown of Ferroelectic Ceramics,ZhangFuPing/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/44
  13. Dynamics and fixed bed reactor to study the thermal decomposition of metal water,YaoYong/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/76
  14. Preparation and characterization of three dimensional ordered macroporous SiO2 microspheres,ChengChong/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/47
  15. Experimental and computational study of laminar flow in micro chip extraction of uranium,ZhangJing/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/33
  16. Study of hydrogen isotope gas Raman spectrum analysis,WangHongZu/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/99
  17. Based on natural macromolecular condensed state of konjac glucomannan,LongXiaoYan/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/143
  18. Poly evolution chloro-p-xylylene film crystalline structure and high temperature,ZhangHao/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/25
  19. Study on Pd, Ag deposition effects on the electronic structure of graphene,ZhangHuanLin/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/93
  20. Research on temperature measurement of laser shock materials under loading,WangTao/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/23
  21. Influence of fast electron and transport collision laser interaction with solid targets,WangWeiWu/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/31
  22. ICF keV X ray radiation energy and the hot electron energy deposition area studies,DuHuaBing/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/12
  23. Structures in High-Energy-Density Plasmas,ChenShi/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/75
  24. The impact of high thermal conductivity of LiF crystals,ZhaoWanGuang/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/18
  25. Strong laser loaded quasi of compression and material strength properties of entropy and high spatial and time resolution of VISAR development,ShuZuo/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/37
  26. The Melting Properties for Mo under High Pressure,ZhangGongMu/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/66
  27. Theoretical Study of the Low Dimensional Correlated Disordered Systems,ZhaoYi/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/17
  28. Theoretical study on transport properties of coupled double quantum dot system,LiAiXian/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/18
  29. Study on Critical Points of Volume Holograms Recording with Angular Multiplexing Technique for Particle Field,ZhaoYu/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/21
  30. Bose Einstein condensate solitons in the study of body, Guai Bo and other local wave,ZhaoLiChen/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/57
  31. First principles molecular dynamics study of warm dense oxide and other fluid properties,ZhangYuJuan/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/29
  32. Molecular dynamics simulation of metal dynamic transformation and destruction phenomenon,ShaoJianLi/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/158
  33. Artificial gauge fields in BEC,YeChong/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/19
  34. Study the Kondo effect in shuttle quantum dots,ZhangRong/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/14
  35. Magnetic driving hypervelocity flyer emission technology research,ZhangXuPing/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/35
  36. The line with VISAR technology and its application in the study of detonation driving,HeZhen/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/15
  37. A preliminary study on dynamics of quasi spherical electromagnetic burst in,ZhangYang/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/26
  38. The Relationship between Fracture of Magnesium Alloy MB2and Stress States,JiaDong/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/40
  39. Monotone Finite Volume Schemes and Picard-Newton Iteration Schemes for Radiation Diffusion Equations,YueJingYan/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/29
  40. Research on dynamic behavior of generalized DS system,LuJing/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/7
  41. Global well posedness and scattering theory of non standard Beam equations,WangDaWei/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/14
  42. Study on the extremum principle algorithm and multi fluid mechanics quality score,JiangLang/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/20
  43. Study on some problems of multi fluid mechanics center ALE method,XuXiHua/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/87
  44. Research on the key technology of platform 6D0F attitude control,RenRui/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,1/531
  45. Study on the design technology of spectral confocal displacement sensor,WuPiZuo/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/88
  46. Radial basis function algorithm applied research and program implementation in multidisciplinary optimization,LiDong/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/13
  47. Research and implementation of firewall rule conflict,WangYi/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/60
  48. Research on parallel tetrahedral mesh generation method based on domain decomposition technique,XuQuan/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/2
  49. Research on iterative reconstruction algorithm based on GPU accelerated CUDA,LeiDeChuan/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/162
  50. Research on mobile behavior modeling technology for the people,ChengXun/Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics,0/3

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